What if my package is damaged during shipping?

If your package arrives damaged, reach out to the seller so they can contact the shipping carrier.

1. Inspect immediately

As soon as you receive a damaged box, open it and check the condition of the dress. Take pictures to document the condition of the delivery when it arrived and hold on to any packaging slips.

2. Contact the seller

Report the damage to the seller as soon as possible, within 48 hours of receiving the package. If you open the package and realize the dress is damage weeks later, your options may be limited.

3. Clearly describe the issue

Take a moment to decide how you want the issue to be resolved. If the damage is minor, a partial refund may be enough to get it dry cleaned. Contact the seller and calmly detail the damage and send a few photos.

4. Resolution

The seller will contact the shipping carrier with the details you sent them to open an insurance claim. Once confirmed, you may receive a refund and instructions to return the dress.

If the seller isn't willing to work with you on a legitimate issue, open a PayPal dispute.

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