How do I add notes?

In addition to saving dresses, you may also add private notes to each item on your wishlist.

These notes serve as a convenient way to capture your thoughts, impressions, and any important details you want to remember about each dress. Adding notes can be especially helpful when you're comparing multiple dresses and trying to make a final decision.

Benefits of adding notes

  • Personalized insights - Jotting down your thoughts about each dress helps you remember why you were interested in it in the first place.
  • Comparative analysis - When comparing multiple dresses, your notes can help you quickly recall the unique aspects of each dress.
  • Decision making - Reviewing your notes can assist you in making an informed decision about which dress aligns best with your preferences
  • Memories - Your notes can serve as a wonderful keepsake, capturing your emotions and thoughts during this exciting time.
  • Private - Even when sharing your Wishlist, your notes will remain private to you only, and will not be visible to others.

Adding a note


  1. Open your Wishlist
  2. Click Add a note or Edit under the item
  3. Write your note
  4. Click Save

You should see the note you've added displayed alongside the item in your Wishlist.

Removing a note


  1. Open your Wishlist
  2. Click Edit under the item
  3. Delete all the text from the note
  4. Click Save

Remember, the ability to add notes is a valuable tool that enhances your overall wedding dress shopping experience on Stillwhite. It allows you to create a personalized reference guide that makes your journey toward finding your dream dress even more enjoyable and stress-free.

Notes are not currently available on the mobile app.

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