Adding Buy Now buttons

Buy Now buttons are the quickest and safest way to get paid.

Simply add a Buy Now button to chat conversations so buyers can pay you securely through PayPal. Once they click the link and complete the checkout process, funds appear in your PayPal account instantly. You’re then ready to ship your dress.

Buy Now buttons are private so other buyers can't see them. This allows you to negotiate your selling price without having to edit your asking price on your listing.

Add a Buy Now button to your conversation and see it in action for yourself.

Add a Buy Now button:

  1. Open the buyers conversation
  2. Click the Add Buy Now button link at the bottom of your conversation or the Add Buy Now button in the top bar, to open the payment dialogue
  3. Enter your PayPal email address, the amount you want to charge for the dress, and the shipping amount
  4. Click Add and the Buy Now button will be appear as a new message

We'll let the buyer know you've added a Buy Now button. PayPal will notify you directly when successful payment has been made.

Update a Buy Now button

Like messages, it's not possible to edit a Buy Now button. If you made a mistake or would like to update your Buy Now button offer (i.e. change the asking or shipping price), simply add a new Buy Now button, and your previous one will be automatically cancelled.

Cancel a Buy Now button:

  1. Visit your inbox
  2. Open the buyers conversation
  3. Click the icon in the top right corner of the Buy Now message
  4. Confirm you really want to cancel

When you cancel a Buy Now button, the buyer is no longer able to purchase your dress through Stillwhite.

Once a dress has been marked as sold or removed from sale, all issued Buy Now buttons will be cancelled automatically.

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