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I'm confused....After finding my Berta dream dress on Still White, I've written the seller twice over the past 3 weeks to ask very general questions about the dress (Euro size), to no answer. I can see where the seller has received & read my notes, but without response. (I'm prepared to pay the asking price of nearly 5k, so price was not the issue.) I understand we are all busy, but if you have your dress listed to sell, why would you not respond?? This lack of communication doesn't bode well for the site, and even worse for this seller. Does Still White remind sellers of unanswered questions?

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Hi Lisa - sorry to hear you are having these problems. If you post the style/name people who are actively looking to sell will probably help. If you are open to other designers in similar styles may also attract responses directly.
Good luck with the search :-)

Thank you for the idea Faye :-). I may do just that. Have a blessed weekend.

Hey Lisa,
If they've read it and aren't responding it's probably not quite right. They may have sold it but waiting on payment until it shows up as paid on the site or they're dodgy.

I agree Rachael. Truth is, I would have gladly placed myself as a back-up offer. I just wish people could be a little more forthcoming. Thanks for letting me vent, I'm more pragmatic about it. Have a great weekend!

I have had a lot of similar issues with sellers who I WANT TO BUY FROM not ever responding to me.

I’ve come here to the forums for this exact issue. Message was seen but no response. Seriously? This should be part of the requirements of a seller. Otherwise, why list a dress and waste legitimate buyers time.

As a seller this greatly concerns me as to if there might be a glitch in the system? I've had my dress up for a couple months and have not had even one message. Yet my dress is on several ladie's watch list... I think we should test it out and have one of y'all buyers send me (seller) a message just to make sure the website is working properly. Just to see!

Hi I am the same lots of watchers but only 1 email and I always respond x

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I found the platform easy to navigate, easy to see different dresses and make contact with different sellers easily.
4 weeks ago
So easy to use. I love the advantages I get when I lower the price! Well done! Sold 2 dresses on your site.
Amy, Sheboygan Falls
1 week ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com