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I have been talking to someone who is in the UK and interested in my dress - I see buyer protection through PayPal which is great - but what protection does the seller have? Do I bill the interested party and only ship after I receive payment?

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Hey Christina, Thanks for your question.

Aslong as you and your potential buyer use Paypal for the transaction via our chat you are both covered under Paypal's protection policy. Once payment is marked as complete in your chat with the buyer you have 4 business days to send off the dress to them.

If the buyer receives the dress and if there is a problem the dress they may open up a Paypal dispute. Your buyer can only open a Paypal dispute if the dress arrives significantly different to the listings description, damaged, counterfeit or doesn't arrive at all, PayPal Buyer Protection can protect them full purchase price plus shipping costs. If a Paypal dispute is opened both sides will need to submit evidence and Paypal will investigate and make the final decision in the case. If Paypal sides with the buyer, they will have to send you back the dress at their own cost and you will inspect the gown to see if its still in good condition and then mark it on your end as received and then Paypal will then only refund the buyer.

It's extremely important to only send the dress with insurance + tracking this way if on the rare occasion the buyer claims they didn't receive the dress you have proof that they did which will also be submitted to PayPal. Being completely honest in your listing's description and in your chat with your buyer about your dress and sending any extra photos of any marks etc is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Sellers are protected through PayPal's Seller Protection program. The following is directly from the PayPal website:
If your buyer files a reversal, claim or chargeback against you due to unauthorised transactions or for items not received, PayPal will reimburse the full amount of your eligible transaction and waive the chargeback fee if applicable.
PayPal Seller Protection is provided to our sellers with no additional signup or cost. Your eligible transactions are safeguarded with Seller Protection when your buyer raises claims, chargebacks or reversals for the following problems:
- Unauthorised transaction: Buyer claims that they didn’t authorise the purchase, they didn’t make the purchase, or they were victims of identity or credit card theft.
- Item not received: Buyer claims to have never received the goods they purchased.

For more information please visit our help topics here:

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