I was hesitant whether to write this or not, but I decided to do so in order to arise awareness and improve processes here.

My wedding is close and due to current situation, I am not able to travel hence cannot check or inspect dresses physically. Through my online search I found about StillWhite and thought that this would be a good option for this situation.

I found a dress that I really fell in-love with, contacted the seller for more photos, loved the dress even more and purchased it! When the dress arrived I was shocked because it was not clean as the seller mentioned - laundry service invoice is provided - it had black and brown stains in various places, wood pieces and wedding tissues in the dress pocket! Not to forget to mention that my friend contacted the same seller and the seller told my friend that she spent a higher amount on cleaning than the one she mentioned to me!

Contacted the seller again asking for a partial refund of the same amount she claims that she spent on cleaning because the dress is not clean as it was mentioned and she refused that. then I provided her with the option to return the dress and have my money refunded and she didn't agree as well. Because I made my payment through PayPal, I raised this issue and filed a claim. Hopefully, I returned the dress and had my money refunded.

Because am so much in love with the dress, I found the same exact dress that had no alterations but already sold out! I contacted StillWhite to check with the buyer if they are interested in re-selling the dress. They got back to me mentioning that the buyer already re-selling the dress on StillWhite, and guess what? The buyer is selling the dress as a second-hand and didn't mention that she bought it already used. When I asked her from where did she get it she told me that she got it from a well know online store - I know it but won't mention it. I asked her for the invoice she said that she don't have it, when I asked her to send me the order confirmation and details email she did not answer! :)

*The moral of the story
Sellers - I understand that not all sellers are the same and I too understand that you might need this money but honesty is number one. You need to keep in mind that some people do work hard to make this money that they are going to pay - regardless if it was $100, $1000 or thousand of dollars.

Buyers - know your rights. Ask for details, inspect the dress virtually if you are not able to inspect if by yourself as in my situations. Ask for photos, videos, closer looks, receipts for every service that the seller claims - dress purchase, cleaning, packaging and so on.

StillWhite - I see areas of improvement where receipts are mandatory and they should be uploaded by the seller, otherwise the item cannot be added here. There should be a stage where the buyer can check and approve everything provided by the seller - photos, documents, receipts - before completing the purchase.

I still love this website and think it is a very good idea, but need to be careful before every purchase that I would make.