Photos of the dresses on the real brides please !!

A large proportion of sellers have uploaded photos of the models from the brand's website. I am sorry but I would like to see the exact dress that I am going to buy and it gives a better idea how it fits on the body.
You can alter your face picture for confidetiality issues but I really feel it is not helpful seeing dresses on models or hanging from the hangers!!

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Hey Maria, Great Feedback! We only encourage our sellers to post their own photos of the exact dress and not copyright images. Sometimes brides tend to upload photos straight from the designer's website to their listing so the potential buyer can compare the pictures or they haven't worn the dress and use the designer's images.
Buying a wedding dress is an emotional sale and seeing a picture of the seller looking stunning in their dress definitely catches a buyers attention more. Stillwhite is currently working on how more listings can have real photos - Stay tunned!

Real dress no alteration done what so ever only wore for selling purposes

You can always just message the seller for actual photos. Some people are only comfortable sharing their pictures privately to interested buyers instead of the entire world passing by.

You are right!👍👍

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Amazing! The website is so easy to use and I love the saved favourites feature - it really helped me make a final decision, especially as it made it so simple to show friends my choices. And the purchase was easy to arrange.
1 week ago
This company is such a wonderful service and I appreciate all of you so much for helping to make my dream wedding come true!
4 days ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to