Dress sold...no boost etc

I just wanted to say that I've found this site very useful.
I set up a listing with no problem and followed all the advice given, listing for slight above what stillwhite quoted but less than what I paid for the dress.
I then found the forum section and I became very sceptical. After seeing that people had listings for months on end without any interest, I genuinely thought that I had wasted £17.
My dress was listed for nearly a month with a lot of interest to begin with and lots of watchers. I started to look at the site every day and soon became disheartened that I wasn't going to sell the dress. I even considered paying extra for the boosts etc.
Luckily I didn't, as I had a lady message me on Monday, and I've just sold me dress. I will be posting the dress tomorrow. She offered me slightly less than what the dress was listed for but I'm just happy that such a pretty dress has found its perfect owner!!

Stick in there... You don't have to spend more than £17 to advertise your dress if you don't want to.Off I go on stillwhite to see if I can find my dream veil at a bargain price. I Have and will continue to recommend stillwhite.

Good luck and happy selling!

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Im feeling very disheartened :( ♡ fingers crossed x

Your dress is beautiful ? How long has it been listed for? I'm sure you'll sell it x

3 weeks babe ? but im seriously impatient. Ive just had very little interest on my Grace loves lace gown and cant help but think that im advertising it wrong. Its hard to know what to value it as, im at 50% of retail price. I feel its way to low however if I raise It brides may look straight past it. x

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Excellent website to buy & sell. Good communication and protection options for both parties. Highly recommend!
Lucy, Hobart
3 weeks ago
Wonderful option for someone who lives in a regional/rural area where there are limited options that can be visited in person
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com