How do we meet in person??

How do we meet in person when I tried to give the seller my phone number via this website and I got a pop up stating I could be committing fraud?? What the heck!?!?

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Hi Allison,

When you enter personal contact information, our system will show a warning to remind you to avoid giving out your personal contact information.

If you and your seller have decided to meet up in person you may simply click 'Send original' to send your phone number or email address to seller. They will receive your contact information.

For more information please read our help topic here:

Thanks Joanna!

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Wonderful service, no time wasters, dress successfully sold. Would highly recommend.
Gina, Emerald Beach
4 weeks ago
Great! Easy to use and sold dress to a lovely buyer on it. Fantastic!
Rose, London
1 week ago
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