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Hi fellow brides on Still White! :)

I have decided to share my personal experiences on Still White with everyone because it makes me sad to read about so many negative experiences on these forums. :( I'm so sorry that many of you have encountered some bad sellers/buyers on the site! Also, just in case you are wondering, I wasn't asked by anyone to write this post.

My overall experience on Still White was extremely positive. I wanted a couture dress for my wedding, but considering my budget (around $2000 USD), I knew I couldn't outright buy a brand new couture gown with that price range. This is why I decided to give Still White a try.

I looked through the various listings; I think my watchlist has about 400 saved searches (a bit extreme, I know). I kept my options very open - ball gowns, mermaid, sheath, etc. because I thought if I narrowed my search to just one designer or style, I might be disappointed in the end. I contacted seven different buyers who had a good response rate, and they were all extremely nice and kind. After looking through all of the pictures different buyers sent me, I decided to buy a dress that would require the minimum amount of alterations because the particular seller and I had identical body measurements. After I made my decision, I sent the other sellers a message saying that I decided to buy another dress so that they weren't waiting for my reply.

My seller is in Australia and I live in the US. However, my seller wasn't hesitant about selling and shipping the dress internationally. I told her my instagram id so that she knew I wasn't a fake person trying to steal the dress from her. She called the Australian Post, and they gave her a quote based on the box size and weight. I paid her the estimated shipping plus a little bit more just in case the actual postage costed more than what was quoted. We did the transaction over the Still White private chat, and I received the dress about 2 weeks.

The dress fits PERFECT. It was like the dress was custom made for me. Crazy lucky, I know.

I know it can be discouraging when you encounter some bad sellers/buyers on the site, but I hope you know there are many good people on the site as well! I'm sending positive vibes to all of you, and I wish that you all have a pleasant experience as I have had on Still White.


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Hi Ara!
Wondering if you have any insight on how to do the customs form/declaration for the shipping from aus to us!

Hi Casey,

So, my seller and I did something that was advised by the postal lady in Australia, but this may NOT be what you want to do.

I can't remember, but anything above a certain value, you have to pay for the import tax. You as the buyer pay for the taxes when it arrives into US. Also, high priced item may flag US customs to hold the dress for longer periods of time.

What my seller did was list my dress as being $100 on the form. (We were advised this by the postal worker). Obviously, the dress was way more than just $100, but listing it this way saved me from the import tax. It also didn't flag customs.

HOWEVER, if the dress gets lost or damaged, the only amount you will get back as a buyer is $100. This method worked for me, and the dress arrived without any damages, but there is always that less than 1% chance that something may go wrong.

I hope this response helps!

Also, the whole import tax thing varies by state. I live in Arizona which has somewhat lenient laws due to trade agreements with different countries. This may be the reason why my dress got to me so fast (around 10 days).

Hi Ara, any idea if we have to pay customs taxes or import taxes from Australia?

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Lore,

I responded to Casey, and I think your question is similar to hers. Please read my response above, and let me know if my answer makes sense for your case.


Thanks so much! That really helps.

Did she ask you to confirm who you were or did you just tell her your Instagram id as a courtesy?

Hey Ara, Thankyou for your lovely review!
We are so glad to hear that you had such a great experience using Stillwhite and found your perfect dream dress for your big day!

For more information on import tax and duties please see our help topic here:

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I was referred to Stillwhite by a friend. I would highly recommend it to others - I love the thought of my dress being reused and enjoyed again (and hopefully again!) Stillwhite is easy to use, and provides piece of mind, even when sending a dress internationally, like me!
Josephine, Cardiff
2 days ago
Excellent website to buy & sell. Good communication and protection options for both parties. Highly recommend!
Lucy, Hobart
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to