How to Make Your Bridal Style More Sustainable

If you want to make your wedding more eco-friendly and sustainable, then you don't want to overlook your bridal style. And there are a few key ways that you can make your wedding day look more sustainable.

It is no secret that fashion is one of the top polluting industries on the planet. And single use fashion - like a typical bridal gown - is not sustainable in the slightest. But how can you make such a specific look, for a single day of your like, more sustainable? Are there really ways to reduce your impact when it comes to your wedding style? And the answer to those questions is a very simple, YES. And that is what we are going to cover in this blog post. 10 key ways to make your bridal look more sustainable. Because weddings don't have to be wasteful, and your bridal style doesn't have to be either.

01. Shop Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

This is probably the most obvious decision when it comes to making your wedding day look more sustainable. Circular fashion is one of the simplest ways to reduce your impact - and reduce your overall budget too! Shopping pre-loved wedding dresses means that you are keeping a massive piece of clothing out of a landfill for one more cycle. And you can re-sell your dress again on a platform like Still White, to make some of your money back, and keep the cycle of sustainability going!

02. Use What You Already Have

An easy way to keep your bridal look more sustainable is to use what you already have. This may seem like a silly piece of advice. But most brides don't even consider this as an option. You are bombarded with marketing as a bride, which encourages you to buy #allthethings. And this gets overwhelming, but it is also unnecessary. So consider what you already have. What jewelry pieces do you already have that would go perfect with your dress? Or maybe you have the most gorgeous nude sandals that you only bust out for special occasions - your wedding day might just be one of those occasions!

03. Take "Something Borrowed" to a Whole New Level: Borrow, borrow, borrow

If you are keeping with tradition, then you are going to need something old, new, borrowed and blue on your big day. So take the traditional concept of "something borrowed" to a whole new level: borrow, borrow and borrow some more. You are sure to have friends, family members, and even strangers in your community that are still holding on to items from their own wedding day with no real use for them. Whether that be a veil, shoes, gloves, or jewelry. Ask around. You might be surprised how willing and excited people are to share their beloved wedding pieces with you!

04. Buy Reusable Pieces

Now, you may not want to wear a cathedral length veil very often after your big day. But there are so many accessory pieces to your bridal look that you can wear again - if they are chosen wisely. Be sure to pick jewelry, shoes, outerwear, headbands, and handbags that you know you can use again and again, long after your big day has passed. Stick with neutral, essential pieces.

05. Shop Ethical

When you are buying items for your wedding day look, be conscious of the brands that you are buying from. Some companies have zero sustainability standards and are wasteful and non-eco-friendly at every step of their production process. Take some extra time to research where you shop. Choose companies that center what they do around sustainability. From their materials, to their production practices. Where you shop can make a massive impact.

06. Use Local and Seasonal Flowers

If you are going to have a bouquet on your wedding day or even a fresh flower crown, be sure to stick with local and season flowers. You can even take this a step further. Consider sharing your flowers with another bride who is getting married the same week! Sticking with local and seasonable flowers is a more sustainable option and sharing those flowers can make them mean so much more.

07. Use Eco-Conscious Cosmetics

You can be more eco-conscious even down to the makeup you wear on your wedding day. Consider using more eco-conscious cosmetics for your bridal look. And you can make the switch permanent so that you keep reducing your environmental impact long after your wedding day.

08. Buy Ethical Rings

This one goes for both you and your groom. Start off your look with an ethical engagement ring and wedding band. Consider shopping antique or used for your rings/bands. And if you are buying a new diamond, make sure that it is collected in a socially responsible manner. Or look into lab grow diamonds (yeah, this is totally a real thing!) You can also consider ditching a diamond all together and opting for an ethically sourced gemstone instead.

09. Keep Things Simple

When it comes to your wedding day look, it can be overwhelming when it comes to all of the things the internet says you "need." You need a veil or gloves to finish your look. And don't forget about multiple pairs of shoes, or a second dress to switch up your style throughout the day. But if you really want to lessen your impact and create a more sustainable bridal look, then less is always more. Opt for a simple wedding dress style. Or maybe bridal separates that you can re-wear after your big day. Cut down on your accessories to just the few key pieces that bring your look together. Or if you are getting married outside, ditch the shoes and walk down the aisle barefoot! Simplify for more sustainability.

10. Can I reuse, recycle, repurpose, or resell this item after the wedding day?

Our last tip is a simple question to ask yourself. While planning out your bridal look, get used to asking yourself this question: Can I reuse, recycle, repurpose, or resell this item after my wedding day? Being able to reuse, recycle, repurpose or resell items after your wedding day can massively decrease your impact. And remember that sustainability extends far beyond your wedding day style. Carry this idea of sustainability into every aspect of your wedding day, and the ripple effects you can create will be massive.


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