How to Buy and Sell Your Dream Used Wedding Dress

Sustainability isn’t just trending. It is essential for modern day brides. And what is more sustainable than finding a pre-loved wedding dress that you can give a second life?

Buying and selling a used wedding dress for your big day isn't just about saving a buck. There are so many reasons to buy second hand. But regardless of your reason for wanting to shop second hand when it comes to your wedding dress - you should never have to sacrifice what you want. Because contrary to what some may believe, you can shop second hand bridal, AND still find your DREAM wedding dress. And today, we are going to show you how.

Why you should consider a second hand wedding dress:

There are so many reasons for any bride to consider buying (and selling!) a second hand wedding dress for their big day. So before we get into how to buy and sell that dream dress of yours, let's look at a few reasons why you should even consider second hand bridal in the first place.

Do it for the planet.

A big reason for wanting to shop used when it comes to your bridal look is because you want to lessen your environmental impact. It is no secret how wasteful the fashion industry is. In fact, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. And if you want to reduce your own individual impact, then circular fashion is a great thing to consider. Since wedding dresses are historically a wear-once fashion item - it is even more vital to consider a pre-loved style for your big day. Every bride who purchases a pre-loved wedding dress, is keeping another potential dress out of a landfill.

Do it for your wallet.

Let's be honest, weddings can get really expensive really fast. And most brides need to set a budget and find ways to save without compromising their dream day. And choosing to shop used for your wedding dress is an amazing way to massively slash your budget. But this isn't just about saving money. When you opt for a pre-loved wedding style - it allows you to get MORE for LESS. Maybe you are eyeing an amazing dress from a designer that is completely out of your price range. If you look for that same dress second hand, you can snag it for a fraction of the price! Which means you get your dream dress, while also saving on cost.

Tips for finding your DREAM used wedding dress:

Alright, now lets talk about what really matters - how to actually go about finding your dream wedding dress second hand.

Be patient and know your WHY.

When it comes to shopping second hand bridal, it can sometimes require a bit more patience to find your perfect dress, compared to shopping new. Because you aren’t just walking into a dress store, and walking out with the dress you want in your size. Shopping second hand can require a bit more time - and because of that, it is good to have a clear WHY. If you know why you are looking for a pre-loved wedding dress, it will help you stay motivated (and patient) during your search.

A clear why can also help you narrow down where you search for a dress. For instance, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind vintage dress - then you want to find retailers and sellers who have what you are looking for. You don’t want to waste your time on second hand bridal salons that focus on present day trends. The same goes for if you are shopping second hand for eco conscious reasons. If you want to lessen your footprint when it comes to your wedding day style, odds are that you care about sustainability. So why not look for retailers who not only have pre-loved wedding gowns - but who also carry designers who have sustainable practices?

Get specific on your search.

Before you dive into the world of second hand bridal, it is good to have a solid idea of what you are looking for. If you start your search without knowing what you are looking for, you can get overwhelmed really fast. So before you begin your search, take some time to clarify what silhouettes and designers that you are looking for.

Don't get too hung up on sizing.

This may sound a little crazy - because yes, you do need your wedding dress to fit. But. if you are open to alterations, don’t get too hung up on perfect sizing. You can alter a dress to fit you like a glove, even if it doesn’t initially. And the cost of alterations will be no big deal because you are saving so much on your initial purchase!

Consider the buyer or retailer.

When you are shopping second hand for a wedding dress, you will likely be doing so in one of two places: in a second hand bridal store or online. And in today's digital age, most used wedding dresses are being found on online platforms. So when you are shopping around, you want to consider where your dress is coming from. Make sure that you are using online platforms that are safe and trustworthy. Going with a well known pre-loved bridal retail like Stillwhite, ensures that you are protected through the entire process. Because you don't want to find your dream dress - and then have something completely different show up at your doorstep!

Consider resale value.

If you are thinking about reselling your pre-loved wedding gown to keep the cycle of sustainability going - then you want to be sure to consider re-sale value when searching for your dress. Ask yourself: Can I resell this dress? Where is the ideal place for resale? How much can I get when reselling this dress? These factors may help you narrow down your search, and set a budget once you know a potential resale value.

Tips for reselling your wedding dress:

And that brings us to: how exactly do you resell your wedding dress? If you are buying a used dress for your wedding, you may end up wanting to keep your dress for future generations. But if you decide to sell your dress again after the big day to keep the cycle of sustainability going - then there are a few key things to consider.

Presentation is KEY.

When it comes to time to resell your wedding dress, presentation is key. You want to start by getting your dress professionally cleaned so that it is looking its best. Once your dress is sparkling clean, you want to take some extra time to take really good photos of your dress. Your photos are what will sell your dress - so make them count. Find a well lit environment to take your photos (nature light is best!). Hang your dress up and be sure to get several full length photos from different angles. If your dress has intricate details, make sure to get some close up shots. You can always include photos from the designers website, and photos from your own wedding day. But buyers will be most interested in photos of your dress in its current condition.

Share your story.

Part of the fun of buying a pre-loved wedding dress is that it has a story to tell. If you are selling your dress online, then be sure to include a part of its story. Share photos from your big day and what the dress means to you. This helps for future brides to connect with your dress on a deeper level, and it can help them image their own magical day in the same dress!

Sell with a reputable retailer.

Whether you are reselling in person or online, make sure you are using a retailer that you trust. When it comes to selling online, you want to work with a reputable retailer that is upfront about any charges, and who will also protect you through the entire process. Retailers like Stillwhite are upfront about the entire process, and genuinely care that both buyer and seller have a positive experience. So do your research and find retailers that you trust. Another perk of selling with a reputable online retailer, is that they already have a captivated audience of brides who are ready to buy a dress just like yours!

Let's wrap things up:

There are so many amazing reasons to consider a used wedding dress for your big day. From lessening your environmental impact to getting a dress that otherwise is out of your price range. And the digital nature of our world now makes buying and selling your dream wedding dress easier than ever before. So let's all keep this amazing cycle of sustainability going - because even just one dress has the power to create a domino effect that can literally change the world!


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