7 New Year's Resolutions For Your Wedding Planning

Before you start emailing vendors and making appointments, set some wedding day goals that will last well after happily ever after.

It’s almost the new year which means we've been in wedding hibernation for almost a month now. (Between platefuls of cookies, lying by the fireplace, and wearing PJs ‘till late afternoon, wedding planning has declined to perusing Pinterest at best.) Our philosophy? New year, new you. Get inspired by our New Year’s resolutions for brides-to-be below!

01. I will stick to my wedding budget

We know how it goes: you set a wedding budget, but then realize you need those glass gold-rimmed chargers to complete that editorial-style table setting or you wholly forgot about flower delivery fees. Now that you've made a few deposits, review your budget and see where you might be able to substitute a more cost-effective choice. Don’t spend more on anything that isn't a must-have unless your gut tells you it’s an important wedding purchase.

02. I will DIY at least one thing for my wedding day

Wedding Table Decorations
Jill Devries Photography

Whether you’re having an intimate ceremony or you’re planning an all-night bash, incorporating do-it-yourself pieces will add instant personality to your big day. Pick a few wedding pieces for you and your partner to make, like gold filigree crowns for guests to wear or handmade place cards. It’ll be a project to remember — and a fun way to save big!

03. I will set a time in my schedule to not think about the wedding

Between pinning inspo to your wedding board and stressing over minor details with vendors, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Set out a time in your weekly schedule to partake in fun and relaxing activities, whether that’s going out to eat at your favorite restaurant or hanging out with your group of friends, sans any wedding talk. Making a point to refocus attention to you and your partner’s happiness will help keep priorities straight.

4. I will eat well and exercise

Still White

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is key to feeling good and confident on your wedding day. Focus on eating well and living a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet, plenty of rest, and exercise. If you've started a fitness routine to get into shape for your big day, stick to it. To keep yourself motivated, workout with your partner or friends who have also set fitness goals. Getting into shape isn't just about fitting into your wedding dress — it’s about feeling good for you and your partner’s happily ever after, too.

05. I will stick to a gentle beauty regimen

Even if you have everything planned down to a T, stress can be high. Schedule everything from facials to brow appointments in advance and don’t have harsh skin peels or laser treatments done less than one month prior to your big day. Practice a gentle daily beauty regimen that includes drinking lots of water, using a gentle cleanser, and exfoliating no more than once a week. Additionally, be careful not to overdo your must-attain-beautiful-skin-by-my-wedding-day goal with too many products or picking at your skin. Continuously treat your skin gently and you’re almost guaranteed to have healthy, gorgeous looking skin on your wedding day.

06. I will ask for help when I need it

You may be an alternative, cool bride, but you’re not superbride. Rather than taking on too much (planning the rehearsal dinner on top of the wedding) or things you simply lack experience in (doing your own invitations when you don’t have a graphic design background), cross off some to-dos by enlisting the help of others. Things like stationery, signage, favors, or planning the rehearsal dinner could be left to your bridal party and family so wedding planning can be as stress-free as possible.

07. I will be present on my wedding day

Bride with bridesmaid
The Lane

Be warned: you’re going to have a full itinerary on your wedding day. It’s not like you’ll be scrambling around figuring out where table numbers should go — those kinds of tasks should be left to the bridal party or your day-of-coordinator (which, if you don’t have one, you really, really should). Between guests, the photographer, and vendors, a lot will be happening all at once. With so many wonderful moments you won’t want to forget, focus on being present. If you think you might need help relaxing, set a half hour in your wedding day schedule for you and your partner to have some alone time. This will allow you to take everything in and enjoy your wedding day, stress-free.

Which New Year’s resolutions are on your list? Tell us in the comments below!


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