Modern Romance: An Irresistible Wedding Style

Today, we have one of our favorite, modern, yet classic wedding styles to share with you. Modern romance.

Wedding trends are constantly on the rise, and changing so fast, it can get hard to keep up with it all. As a modern bride, wedding style choices have become increasingly overwhelming with the ever changing trends, and sheer volume of options we have to choose from. It is no wonder that so many brides have such a hard time deciding what they want to look like on their big day.

This ever growing trend encompasses everything the modern day bride wishes for on her big day. Trendy, with modern times, yet classic and romantic. If you are feeling some bridal fashion overwhelm, a soft modern romantic look might be just what you need to get back on track to planning you big day! Find your modern romantic wedding style and the perfect colors to go with it! Get ready to see some of the best modern wedding styles, with a touch of soft romance.

01. Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance
Kenzie Victory

A contemporary wedding style, accented with elegant accessories to give it a more romantic feel. Soft white and blush tones, paired with brilliant yellows give this subtle wedding style a fashionable finish. Be trendy and contemporary while still feeling polished and ladylike for your modern romantic wedding day look.

02. Classic Romance

Classic Romance
This Modern Romance

A classic, feminine way to do modern romance. Antique influences blend with modern minimalism to create this unique wedding day romance style. A style straight out of the 1940’s with modern fashion influences, will give you a completely unique wedding day look.

03. Girly Modern Romance

Girly Modern Romance
The Great Romance

A playful, girly take on modern romance wedding style. This wedding mixes fun modern styles with soft romantic undertones. Stick with bight girly tones that you love, but keep things soft and romantic with your wedding day hair and makeup. A perfect mix between soft and chic!

04. Blushing Blooms Romance

Blushing Blooms Romance
This Modern Romance

A true blushing modern romance. This wedding day look is very inspired by vintage styles, with a touch of bold modern fashion. This all blush color palette keeps things soft, feminine and romantic. Modern day ladylike sophistication, with a high fashion twist.

05. Soft City Romance

Soft City Romance
Emily Delamater

Another soft blushing style, but this time in a city setting. A soft romantic look paired with an industrial setting modernizes this glamourous wedding day style. Stick with the ever growing love of industrial wedding themes, while also feeling delicately polished for your modern romantic wedding day.

06. Modern Fairytale Romance

Modern Fairytale Romance
Gatherings by Stacie

This modern urban fairytale will have you hoping for something romantic, yet slightly unpolished. This beautiful bride looks straight out of a fairytale despite her urban settings. Rich warm tones, paired with cool neutrals give this modern day fairytale wedding a contemporary edge.

07. Edgy Romance

Edgy Romance
LiFe Photography

Our next bride incorporates her edgy style into her modern romantic wedding day look. The day is full of romance, with just a bit of the bride’s cheeky personality. Modern, artistic, and most importantly, full of wedding day romance.

08. Woodland Romance

Woodland Romance
Olivia Strohm Photography

Next we head to a woodland getaway for this modern romance wedding day. This bride is stunning in her drop back, modern wedding gown. Soften the contemporary feel with a natural woodland setting and floral crown. A perfect mix between modern old Hollywood, and woodland boho princess. We can’t imagine a better combination!

09. Industrial Jeweled Romance

Industrial Jeweled Romance
Christina Block Photography

A modern industrial setting, with a hint of medieval styles. This bride is stunning in an all lace plunging back dress. It is hard to decide whether her look is strictly vintage, or jaw droopingly modern. We will settle for a little of both. This old world inspired modern day romance style is sure to steal the show.

10. Bold Modern Romance

Bold Modern Romance
Jillian Rose Photography
Jillian Rose Photography

Bold berry tones complete this look from lips to florals. This wedding style is modern romance at its best, with a slight artsy flair. This bride’s seemingly classic dress, will have guests gasping once they see her from behind. Modern and antique accents mesh perfectly to bring this day together. Be bold, artistic, edgy and romantic with this modern romance wedding style.


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