13 Green Wedding Color Palettes

2017's pantone color of the year, greenery, was quite a shock compared to the soft feminine tones they named in 2016. So you must be wondering how you can incorporate 2017's bold pantone color of the year into your wedding day style? We have 13 of the best greenery inspired wedding color palettes to get you started.

These greenery inspired styles are far from ordinary. But with an ever growing love of green botanicals sweeping the design and fashion industries, we expect to see much more of it in the coming year.

From snow covered pines, to sun kissed tropics, we have every greenery style you could imagine. A bold, natural green inspired wedding style may be just what you are looking for!

01. Artistic Modern Greens

Artistic Modern Greens
Alice Hu Photography

Ferns are becoming an ever so popular choice for greenery accents in modern day weddings. These bold plants pop against the modern art gallery setting of our first greenery inspired wedding day look. This green color palette is simple and sophisticated, to give you a perfect mix of modern and natural for your big day.

02. Boho Greenery

Boho Greenery
Melissa Milis Photography

We couldn't go a greenery wedding color trend post without incorporating a gorgeous bohemian inspired color palette. Natural tones with a bright, bold twist are perfect for an offbeat boho princess. These rich natural tones are playful yet chic to finish off your perfect greenery wedding day style.

03. Farmhouse Green

Farmhouse Green
Farmhouse Green

Our next greenery wedding color trend is one inspired by a natural farmhouse setting. Soft neutrals paired with rich green and browns from the natural setting. Full greenery bouquets and table runners add to the casual, natural feel of the wedding style. A greenery inspired wedding is perfect for this simple, natural setting.

04. Deep Forest Greens

Deep Forest Greens
Therese Winberg

A plethora of bright greens from a sun kissed forest are perfect for our next greenery wedding color trend. A natural, yet eclectic wedding day look. These tones are neutral, yet bright and bold, with an edgy finish. Forest inspired tones don't have to be quiet and neutral, they can be sassy and stylish, just like you!

05. Frosted Greenery

Frosted Greenery
Emily Wren Photography

A greenery wedding color trend perfect for the winter months. The tones are natural, warm, and festive to brighten up a chilly winter wedding day. Greens pair perfect with simple bronzed metallic tones to give this greenery wedding day style a touch of flair!

06. Folksy Florals

Folksy Florals
This Modern Romance

A folksy inspired wedding day style with pops of rich greenery. This wedding color palette shows how beautifully green tones pair with a vintage inspired wedding day setting. Pair rich greens with vintage inspired brown, gray and even teal for an uniquely trendy wedding style!

07. Rustic Green and Gray

Rustic Green and Gray
Sergey Lapkovsky

Warm rustic greens. A softer, pastel twist on these greenery wedding color trends we love! Pair rich, subdued green tones with muted grays for a rustic, yet modern wedding day style. The brides wispy gray wedding gown is breathtaking paired with her rich sage green florals. This sage green and gray wedding color palette is definitely a wedding color trend to watch out for this year!

08. Sun Kissed Green

Sun Kissed Green
OneLove Photography

Bright greens kissed by a sunny day afternoon. This array of bright tones pair perfectly with bronzed metallic accents to finish off this greenery wedding color trend. This seemingly natural color palette, looks stunning and classic.

09. Winter Green

Winter Green
Carolina Auer Photography

Rich green tones paired with the chilled grays and blues of a winter day. This greenery wedding color trend will have you looking like a natural snow princess on your wedding day. These gorgeous tones of winter greens pop against the stark gray of the winter backdrop. This wedding color palette goes to show that greenery inspired wedding trends can be perfect all year long.

10. Tropical Greens

Tropical Greens
Krista Mason Photography

After that last chilly winter greenery wedding style, lets fly somewhere a bit warmer with this tropical greens inspired wedding day! Tropical palms are the perfect accent for this warm wedding get away. Pair with bright tropical florals, and sea glass accents, for a beachy sun soaked wedding day feel.

11. Wedding Botanicals

Wedding Botanicals
Alissa Saylor Photography

Vintage botanicals inspire our next greenery wedding color trend. A gorgeous greenery wedding for any botanist loving brides out there. This wedding style embraces the natural simplicity of greenery tones, for a fashionable rustic wedding look!

12. Summer Eclectic

Summer Eclectic
Aniko Productions

Love greens but dreaming of a bright sunny summer wedding day? This next greenery wedding color palette is for you! Pair bright green and turquoise tones with pops of yellow for a citrus inspired wedding day style! Fun, playful, and bright. Perfect for a bride craving some cheeky style on her big day!

13. Woodland Fairytale

Woodland Fairytale
Essence Photography

To finish up, we have a true woodland fairytale with this greenery wedding color palette. Edgy greens and rustic browns set the scene perfectly for a woodland wedding escape. Get lost in the woods with this greenery inspired wedding day color trend!


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