12 Lush Tropical Exotic Wedding Styles

These daring exotic wedding styles will have you dreaming of a far off getaway for your big day.

Whether you are looking to escape to a far off island, or bring the island feel to a urban city scene, we have everything you need to find your lush exotic wedding inspiration. Get ready to sink your tones in the sand, or maybe the concrete, with these tropical wedding styles from city to sea.

01. Modern Lush

Modern Lush
Anastasiia Photography

Lush over the top exotic florals, and simple modern fashion mesh in perfect harmony. A sexy, modern approach to a fun tropical themed wedding day. Pair luscious red, yellow and green tones with bold gold accents and sparse white fashion, for a stunning exotic wedding style.

02. Big City Tropics

Big City Tropics
Rebecca Goddard Photography

Are you a big city girl craving a lush tropical wedding style? We have just the look for you. This edgy, modern, tropical city style is sure to have all your guests dreaming of warm exotic lands far away. Mix your big city style, with the fun warmth of the tropics.

03. Chic Tropics

Chic Tropics
Blinkbox Photos

Playful chic tropical tones set the scene for our next exotic wedding day style. Bright pinks and teals pair perfectly with exotic florals and lush greenery. Not to mention the bold wedding style from the bride and groom. This groom fits in perfectly with his electric blue suit, and what place is more fitting for a flashy two-piece wedding dress than a fun tropical escape?

04. Exotic Villa

Exotic Villa
Jose Villa Photography

Our next tropical wedding style takes us away to a sunny exotic villa. Sunny day yellow and orange tones paired with flowing green tropical plants make for a bright, cheery wedding day by the sea. This fresh style is the perfect way to bring an exotic touch to any setting.

05. Lavish Emerald

Lavish Emerald
Mike Cassimatis

Thinking of a tropical feel for a fall or winter wedding? You may not have, but after this bold exotic wedding style, you may change your mind. A classic emerald gown paired with tropical greenery and bold metallic accents, makes for the most unique, lavish, and modern tropical wedding style.

06. Urban Exotics

Urban Exotics
Mink Photography

Bringing the tropics to a modern, urban warehouse setting. Choosing just two bold tropical colors – pink and green – keeps this flashy tropical wedding day looking modern and classic. The perfect way to mix the clean white trends of urban, with the bright, bold feel of an exotic get away.

07. Industrial Exotics

Industrial Exotics
Jennifer Sosa

Industrial and tropical are not two things we would normally associate together for the perfect wedding day style. But this next wedding look proves that industrial chic tropics are so on trend with the modern greenery feel that we are seeing everywhere in the wedding scene right now!

08. Blushing Tropics

Blushing Tropics
Sandra Huetzen

A softer, feminine, pastel tropical feel. This blushing tropical wedding style will have you dreaming of a sunset beach wedding. These warm pastel tones pair perfectly with the setting sun over an ocean. Pair with a flowing, feminine wedding dress style to feel girly and polished for your exotic wedding escape.

09. Lakeside Exotic

Lakeside Exotic
Phil Chester

Lakeside may not be the first scene that comes to mind when dreaming up your perfect tropical wedding style. But this unique, lakeside tropic look is trendy and oh-so fashionable chic. Deeper reds and greenery tones pairs with a bold lavender wedding gown, make for the most surprising of tropical wedding day styles.

10. Hawaiian Tropics

Hawaiian Tropics
Angelica Chang Photography

What better place to plan a tropical wedding day than on a beautiful Hawaiian island? This Hawaiian wedding day is bright and exotic, filled with native florals and playful pineapple accents. Pair with a soft natural side braid, neutral makeup, and an oversized native bouquet to look like a Hawaiian goddess walking down your sand covered isle.

11. Thailand Luxury

Thailand Luxury
Megan Wynn Photography

Thailand sets the scene for our most exotic of all the tropical wedding styles so far. Warm burnt orange and neutral yellow and tan make for a truly unique tropical wedding color palette. Lush native florals, and simple modern style pair together for the exotic wedding escape of your dreams.

12. Havana Florals

Amber Vickery Photography
Amber Vickery Photography

Our last tropical wedding day look is bright, bold, and undeniably beautiful. Bring the boldest of Havana inspired colors into your wedding day for a sophisticatedly cheeky wedding style. Combine with a trendy, elaborate wedding dress, to top off this loud tropical style.


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