Ultimate Ethereal Wedding Style Guide

Windswept hair, silky chiffon fabrics, and delicate accents give you the fairytale feel you are dreaming of on your big day.

Ethereal wedding themes are becoming a must in bridal fashion. By definition ethereal is extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. If you ask me, that sounds like a dreamy wedding day style to aim for. Here are 14 ethereal wedding day looks that will have you swooning to look like a graceful goddess when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day.

01. Parisian

Katie Stoops Photography

Our first ethereal goddess wedding style gives you a romantic Persian feel with this glitzy off the shoulder look. These soft feminine pastel tones will have you feeling girly and sophisticated on your wedding day.

02. Golden Peach

Golden Peach
Alex Vail Bridal Couture

Peach metallic applique adds a woodland fairytale vibe to this flowing tulle wedding style. To look like a spring time blushing beauty, stick with soft peach hues to accent this look. Feel feminine, yet still conservative with this sheer sleeved style.

03. Ethereal Forest

Ethereal Forest
To Wander and Seek

Mossy green tones set the scene for a forbidden forest wedding. Bring out your inner forest goddess with this draped sleeve style. The soft flowing fabrics mix well with the natural surroundings of this woodland setting.

04. Flowing Organics

KT Merry Photography
Megan Robinson Photography

Feel natural and organic in this free flowing skin tone ethereal style. Neutral color tones and soft fabrics accent the natural beauty of the bride, without taking away from her unique style. Feel soft and elegant in this neutral style.

05. Island Tides

Island Tides
KT Merry Photography

Dream of being a modern day mermaid when you were a little girl? Then this style is for you. Embrace the natural tones of the seaside tides. This wispy ethereal style is perfect for your dream beach front wedding.

06. Sun Blushing

Sun Blushing
Kylie Martin Photography

This high neck, flowing fabric style gives you a high fashion feel in a casual waterfront setting. The blushing sky and soft sand inspire the colors for this dreamy ethereal look. Find the perfect mix of chic elegance on your wedding day.

07. Gray Water

Gray Water
Greer Gattuso Photography

Overcast skies and wave soaked shores inspire this moody ethereal color palette. Ladylike lace and metallic accents add a beautiful romance to this seemingly gloomy setting. Mimic the soft blue and green hues of the storm soaked sky and sea around you with this ethereal style.

08. Misty Riverbed

Misty Riverbed
Jess Hunter Photography

A moss covered riverbed is a stark contrast to the intricate design of this ethereal wedding gown. The delicate, detailed design of this wedding style seems unearthly amongst such a natural setting. Soft tones from the forest and stone covered riverbed add to this natural ethereal wedding day look.

09. Seawater

Christine Clark Photography

A casual sun soaked seaside setting is the perfect inspiration for this simple, yet romantic ethereal style. The light, weightless fabric seems almost transparent, giving the bride a lighter than air look. Soft pastels, warmed by the sun, will have you feeling like an ethereal bohemian princess on your wedding day.

10. Sunset Violets

Sunset Violets
Michael Radford

Still feel bridal with feminine lace and silky chiffon, but trade in the white for a beautiful violet hue. A color style inspired by the flushed violets of a seaside sunset. This unique ethereal style will have you feeling airy and luxurious on your big day.

11. Windswept

Maria Sundin Photography

Sunset neutrals and rustic native flowers give this ethereal bridal style a natural earthiness. This warm silky style pops against the cold rocks of the surroundings. For the outdoor loving brides out there, you will feel both feminine and comfortable in this simple rustic ethereal style.

12. Mauve Afternoon

Mauve Afternoon
Elisa Bricker

Warm, blushing mauve tones are the perfect accents to this unique ethereal wedding style. Give your whimsical wedding day look some texture with these added dimensional elements to a simple flowing fabric. Be a vision of flower petals floating through the air in this eccentric ethereal look.

13. Italian Dreaming

Italian Dreaming
Olga Plakitina

Travel to Italy for this ethereal Tuscany inspired style. Bright neutrals with girly hints of blush and lavender set a scene of ethereal romance. This soft style is touched with delicate accents, and a long elegant flowing train. Find ethereal romance with this regal, yet feminine wedding day look.

14. Overcast Mountains

Overcast Mountains
Brad and Jen

The mountains surprise us with another unexpected setting for ethereal elegance. Pick out tones from the warm mountain hills to create this nature inspired ethereal color palette. Flowing neutral fabrics look soft and fashionable in the blowing mountain winds. Add in touches of lace to give your look a girly edge among this grand setting.


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