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Rocking in Black Couture

Rocking her black couture wedding dress by talented designers Croce & Colisimo, bride Ebony shares why she chose not to wear white.

From the bride: "The process of choosing my wedding dress was similar to choosing my black diamond engagement ring. Whilst I loved the beautiful designs and pretty laces gowns in the bridal stores, but I just couldn’t picture myself in a white dress. When asked I mentioned a black couture gown but I still want to look like a bride, many suggested I need to find a designer to make me one. Nearing the end of our ladies dress day I felt bad at the thought of not finding anything but my sisters suggested one more store.

As soon as I walked in Croce & Colosimo there it was! I saw a black couture gown with the most exquisite detail and a layered train to die for! The bodice was made from Christian Dior lace and silk. It was everything and more that I’d imagined myself in and still made me feel like a bride.

It is the first dress I tried on and the only one I wanted. I spoke with the designers and used that gown as a guide, then they further designed the one for me.

We chose to have our ceremony and reception at the same venue. Initially guests entered State of Grace Restaurant then walked towards and opened a magical book case, similar to what you see on Harry Potter, with secrets that lie on the other side, a cellar bar known as Fall From Grace. With decadent chandeliers, hues of deep red, wooden floorboards and a titanic like spiral staircase extends down to their cellar bar room. After the ceremony guests were greeted by a DJ, masseuses, cocktail menu, cheese & fruit platters. This time was a real highlight for us both, we loved seeing our guests non-stop dancing and enjoying a massage when they needed a break.

Our wedding was very us, we love to host and throw a good party. It didn’t have all the typical traditional wedding feel with a black wedding dress, odd numbers in our bridal party, no matching bridesmaid dresses, no thrown bouquet/ garter, no long ceremony or speeches But the day still felt very much like a wedding and our love for each other. My dress was so perfect, elegant but so comfortable, and seeing everyone dressed up to the nines is a memory I will never forget."

Photography: Snipershots Photography | Venue: State of Grace Melbourne


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