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Acacia & Luke's Garden Party Wedding

Acacia and Luke's wedding was 'garden glamour with a touch of vintage class'.

With her bold choices of colour, this party is not your traditional wedding. Acacia tells their story:

"Luke proposed on Christmas day on our way to see his family. It was a moment we had to ourselves in the car, he surprised me by asking me to check the glove box as I was the passenger. He had placed a little black box with a beautiful diamond ring inside. As I opened it, he simply asked me to marry him, I was the only one for him and he wanted to share his life with me. I was in shock as Luke is a bit of a cool dude, I honestly thought it was a joke. The answer was yes and we celebrated with the family later that day. The proposal wasn't over the top or romantic as such, it was very much his style and it was perfect.

The park decorations were simple, yet created a mood. We invited 88 people who were special to us, and Luke and I made a special speech each to our mums. Our dog Jarrah was also part of our day and sat with us during our vows. She had a matching ley of flowers around her neck that matched my flowers on my wrist. I stayed away from formalities such as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

I wanted colour in the dress, I didn't want white as I was an older bride. I loved Joanna Johnson, Alex Perry and Colette Dinnigan. They were all a little main stream for me, so I went searching for something more original, more unique. It took a while but I found the designer that ticked every box, her name was Anaessia. She was perfect in every way and I wouldn't change a thing about my dress and the design, colours, fabrics. It was perfect! I had been planning my dress for about 6 months before the wedding day. It was only a few weeks before the wedding though that I decided to change the skirt (cream) to mint green. It was a bold decision but it was perfect in the end. I also found a vintage head piece which I added to my outfit and it worked well. It was my touch of vintage class!

After the ceremony, champagne and canapés were served before our guests headed off to an evening where a DJ rocked some tunes and formalities were not part of the evening. It was a party - not a wedding.

I'm partly sad to see the dress being put up for sale but I would prefer to see it be part of someone else's big day - it would be so special to know it went to a wonderful home and people oohed and arrhed over it again instead of hanging in my cupboard. The sale of the dress would be sad - but the money would be put towards a short holiday for Luke and I. We recently had a baby and I would love to take him away - a surprise break, to a relaxing destination where we can settle into our new chapter as parents."

Congratulations on the new addition to your family Acacia and Luke, thank you for sharing your story with us.


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