Please help. Conversation closed???

hi, someone just sent me an inbox and I cannot answer! it says "conversation closed". What is this and how can I answer?
Thank you :)

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Hi Olga,

Thanks for your question. If your conversation has been marked as closed it means the person you were speaking to has archived the conversation or has been suspended from using Stillwhite. Once a conversation is closed you can not reply to it.

Thank you for the quick response! What it means achieved and what if the person clicked it my mistake. She really like my dress and I would like to answer the message.

Hi Olga,

When a conversation is archived it means that the person has closed the conversation and it gets moved their archive folder in their inbox.
If the user is suspended you will not be able to respond to their message, if they have archived the message by mistake they can still send you a message but then will have to move your conversation back into their inbox.

I have looked into your account and can confirm that the user you are referring to has been suspended from using Stillwhite.

I just read the message from stillwhite! thank you guys so much to protecting the public :)

I have the same issue right now. I had a buyer that seemed very interested, but the conversation is closed. Has this buyer also been suspended?

Hi Corina,

I can confirm that the potential buyer you were speaking to who's conversation is now closed has been suspended off Stillwhite.

Thank you so much for letting me know Joanna! That is very helpful.

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me and look into some as well. I had planned to meet a buyer and give them the dress and receive payment tomorrow. I messaged them to confirm and it now says conversation closed have I been blocked and they are no longer interested or should I turn up still?

Thanks in advance

Jodie x

Hey Jodie, I have had a quick look into your account and can see that your conversation with your buyer has been closed on their end.

As they have closed the conversation for some unknown reason we would recommend not to show up to your meeting with them. We will keep an eye on this account aswell for the safety of our other stillwhite users.

Hi I just had the same issue - can you check to see if the user who recently messaged me has also been suspended? Thanks!

Hey Jamie, I can confirm the user who recently messaged you has been suspended off Stillwhite.

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