Can we have an accessories section?

So, often I happen upon dresses where the bride is selling a great belt, shoes or veil and I just wish there was a way to search for just those accesories.
Also, the forums are full of folks searching for specific items.

Maybe it's something you could bring to the search function or such?
Not sure how to solve the issue of listing price, because I think that might be prohibitive if people were paying the same to list a 50 dollar veil as for a 900 dollar wedding dress. Might be tricky weeding out folks listing improperly...
But if it were somehow possible it would be so awesome!

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Would also love this!! 👏🏼

Yes please!

I'd love that.

I would love that too as I have brand new accessories I could sell with my dress x


Definitely would love an accessories section

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Excellent selection of dresses. I searched the designers I liked until I found the perfect dress. This was so useful to me as many of the designers I had liked did not sell their dresses in NZ! The seller I bought my dress off was lovely, and so helpful!
3 weeks ago
I had a buyer only 2 days after posting! Couldn't be happier.
Alysha, Fellsmere
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to