8 Tips for Trying On Your Wedding Dress

While finding a wedding dress is no easy feat (between budgeting and mom's demands, we applaud you), the hard part isn't over yet.

So you've found a dress you love. Congrats! If the dress is located in your local area, or somewhere you are willing to drive / fly to then you may have arranged to try it on. Luckily, we’re here to help brides-to-be nail this important part of their wedding outfit equation. From undergarments to proper etiquette, we've compiled all of our tips so you’ll be perfectly prepared to try on the dress. Read our tips below and be sure to check back next week for part 2 of our series! (Main image via Still White)

01. Be punctual and communicate clearly with the seller

Pallas Couture Amarante Wedding Dress
Pallas Couture

Remember you have been invited to someone’s home to try on their wedding dress. Arriving on time is not only polite but means you will both feel fresh and stress free. Trust us, you don’t want to feel rushed. If an unexpected change comes up, make sure you let the seller know by sending them a message or calling them if you have their number.

02. Don't wear makeup, tanner lotions and perfume

Norma Bridal Couture Backless Wedding Dress
Norma Bridal

It’s good to be prepared, but it’s unnecessary to be dolled up. Avoid wearing makeup, tanner lotions and perfume so you don’t risk getting permanent stains or odours on the dress. The seller may request you remove your make-up and even change her mind about letting you try on her dress if she is concerned about maintaining the condition of her dress.

03. Bring underwear that you can wear with the dress

Catherine R Couture Wedding Dress
Catherine R Couture

Whether you're wearing a plunging back or require extra support to give you a little lift, bring along underwear that is appropriate for the shape of dress that you are trying on. This will help give you the best idea of how the dress fits.

04. Ask if you can bring someone along with you

Lisa Gowing Elsa Wedding Dress
Lisa Gowing

Your bridesmaids and mother are like your ambassadors. Ask if you can bring someone along with you so you can have a second opinion about your dress. There’s nothing more helpful than when your squad gives you the okay on your look. Additionally, if they’re going to be helping you get ready on the big day, this will give them an opportunity to see how the bustle works or how they should do the dress up.

05. Don't squeeze into the dress if it doesn't fit

Inbal Dror, BR-13-23
Inbal Dror

If it so happens that the dress is too small, don’t try to force it on — you don’t want to risk damaging it! Remember it is better to choose a dress slightly too big and arrange for alterations to get it taken in.

06. Take your time examining the dress

Jane Hill, Promesse wedding dress
Jane Hill

You've spent weeks, months looking for “the one” (dress that is, you should have already found “the one” you are marrying). You shouldn't rush this time. Make sure you have given yourself enough time to fully examine the dress for any puckering or loose threads. You are buying a preloved item and the seller is not required to offer a refund if you change your mind or didn't notice a mark when you were trying it on.

07. Be ready to make a payment

If the dress is everything you dreamed it would be and more, being prepared to pay for it means you can take it home that day! Bring cash, or if you’re not comfortable carrying wads of money then you can pay through Paypal.

08. Arrange for any alterations needed

Pallas Couture, Custom Design
Pallas Couture

To make sure you're happy with the dress, you may need to arrange for some minor alterations. Whether you’re wearing a sticky bra or five-inch stilettos, day-of undergarments and shoes are required at a fitting so you and the seamstress know exactly how the dress will fit. Spend some time at your fitting walking, sitting and even dancing in your dress. Everything should be well-sewn, comfortable and fit like a glove.

How are you preparing for trying your dress on? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget to check back next week for part 2 of our dress fitting series! 10 Tips for Hosting a Dress Fitting 


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