Keeping Your Inbox Clean

If you're an active buyer or seller on Still White, no doubt you have a pretty full inbox. 

We are happy to announce, starting today you can archive old conversations to keep your Still White inbox nice and clean.

Once you archive a conversation it will be removed from your inbox, but if you happen to receive a reply, it will reappear as a new unread message - so you never miss a thing.

To archive a conversation:

  1. Sign in to your Still White account
  2. Select Messages to view a conversation from your inbox
  3. Click top-right Archive button

Happy archiving!


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Easy to dress shop and message sellers for questions. Loved that I felt safe and secured during the second-hand dress shopping experience
Anonymous Buyer
22 hours ago
Love this platform very user friendly and connects buyers and sellers who are wanting the next Bride to enjoy their wedding in a dress they might not been able to afford otherwise. I’ve been a seller selling my daughters dress for a wedding that didn’t happen (thank goodness) to buying my first wedding dress which is why I have this email to rate ……and will be selling my daughters wedding dress soon from her wedding!
Tracy, Wylie
2 days ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to