How Grace Saved

Grace and her husband bought a piece of art with the money they saved on Stillwhite.

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What was your motivation for buying your wedding dress on Stillwhite?

One of my university friends had sold her dress on Stillwhite and prior to this, I had never heard about the industry of second hand wedding dresses. Given you usually only wear the dress once, I thought this was a fabulous idea and made a mental note to keep Stillwhite in mind when it was my time to marry!

What made you choose to buy from Stillwhite?

I completed some market research in the first instance, to see whether there were other options in the second hand wedding dress market. In my experience, Stillwhite had the best brand reputation, the greatest array of options and honestly, the most beautiful dresses. Once I had a look what else was out there, I was convinced that Stillwhite was the best option.

Describe your experience with Stillwhite?

My experience was absolutely flawless – I purchased my dress from a lady named Joanne who coincidentally had the exact same measurements as me! She posted it the very next day and I had it in my hand within a week of purchase. The first time I put it on I could barely believe how well it fit – I have never had an unaltered item of clothing fit so perfectly. It was a fabulous experience, a massive cost saving and I have been recommending the process to friends ever since!

Did you feel safe buying your dress on Stillwhite?

I absolutely felt safe purchasing my dress on Stillwhite. The purchase was through a secure payment channel and I knew that Stillwhite would step in to assist, should there be any problems.

What (if any) were your concerns before you started buying on Stillwhite?

My only concerns were around whether the sizing of the dress would be as it was reflected in the ad. Given the amount of details which are provided within each ad, however, this was not of concern once I started looking through the dresses which were available. My only concern once I started looking was: “which beautiful dress should I buy?!” What a dilemma to have!

What are you doing with the money you made from the sale of your dress?

My husband and I purchased a piece of art for our wedding gift to ourselves, and the money from both our wedding wishing well and the sale of my dress went into that investment. It’s so beautiful to look up on our wall and be reminded of our wedding, every day.

Any tips and advice for future brides looking for their wedding dress?

My advice would be to absolutely use Stillwhite and shop second hand. These dresses are in such beautiful condition and have been worn either just once or, at most, a handful of times. My experience was so perfect and so stress free – and it also saved me a great deal of money. If I had purchased the same dress from a retail outlet, I daresay it would have cost more than 5x the amount I paid on Stillwhite (or more!). I recommend this site to all of my friends and will continue to do so (even the men!).

Is there anything that surprised you while using Stillwhite?

I was surprised by the vast array of options which were available. There are so many beautiful dresses to select from!

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