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Hi all,

I'm interested in purchasing a dress here, but most dresses seem to be for women 5'0 to 5'5".

I am wondering if anyone can direct me to dresses for taller women (I am 5'9") or if anyone knows how to search for this here? There isn't a filter for dress height that I can find.



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I am 5'10" and have listed my Suzanne Harward dress for sale (currently heavily discounted) www.stillwhite.com/103635-suzanne-harward

Hey Elise, We do not have a dress height length filter but we do have a length filter. Most brides tend to put in their listings description their height to give you an idea of how tall they are, you can always send them a message asking aswell.

Soon we will have a height feature for the height of the dress with shoes that may help you with this.

HI Elise
I am 5, 10 and wore heels with my dress. listing www.stillwhite.com/119916-essense-of-australia

Hi Elise, the dress which I am selling is for a women with a height or 5ft 9/ 6ft as it had to be this height for the model to wear it in the photoshoot. Feel free to have a browse :)

Apologises I was suppose to put 5ft9/5ft10, not 6ft.

I have a gorgeuos Tara Lauren dress for sale. Selling it for daughter who never wore dress. She is 5'9. Price includes veil and decorative belt. www.stillwhite.com/121880-tara-lauren

Hi Elise,
I am 5'9 and wore 8.5cm heels. My dress is listed at www.stillwhite.com/123373-grace-loves-lace.

My daughter is 5'9 and she wore heels. Her dress is listed at www.stillwhite.com/124760-maggie-sottero?from=home

Hello lovely! I’m selling my gorgeous Riki Dalal dress, am 5”9 and wore pretty tall heels too.

Here is the listing: www.stillwhite.com/125032-riki-dalal

hi Elise,

I am 5"8 and wore heels.

Here is my dress :)

Good luck with the search!!


hi found anything yet as 10"10 and is brand new no alterations and has been reduced in prive

*** Further reduction ***



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What a great company Still White is! Easy to post and keep track of your selling stats. Easy to communicate to potential buyers and my dress was sold within a couple of months!
Kathryn, Chelmsford
2 weeks ago
I am really really happy with the Stillwhite service :) The only difficulty was when I was trying to meet with the girl who wanted to buy my dress (so that she could try it on) and your policy wouldn’t allow me to share my mobile number in case of any problems with her finding my flat eg . It was quite threatening being told that if I sent my number I might be taken off the site/my ad might be removed. I think you need to find a better way so that individuals can share contact details for those important dress visits etc. Other than this, I think it’s a great site. Thanks
Sally-Anne, London
5 days ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com