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Hi all,

I'm interested in purchasing a dress here, but most dresses seem to be for women 5'0 to 5'5".

I am wondering if anyone can direct me to dresses for taller women (I am 5'9") or if anyone knows how to search for this here? There isn't a filter for dress height that I can find.



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I am 5'10" and have listed my Suzanne Harward dress for sale (currently heavily discounted) www.stillwhite.com/103635-suzanne-harward

Hey Elise, We do not have a dress height length filter but we do have a length filter. Most brides tend to put in their listings description their height to give you an idea of how tall they are, you can always send them a message asking aswell.

Soon we will have a height feature for the height of the dress with shoes that may help you with this.

HI Elise
I am 5, 10 and wore heels with my dress. listing www.stillwhite.com/119916-essense-of-australia

Hi Elise, the dress which I am selling is for a women with a height or 5ft 9/ 6ft as it had to be this height for the model to wear it in the photoshoot. Feel free to have a browse :)

Apologises I was suppose to put 5ft9/5ft10, not 6ft.

I have a gorgeuos Tara Lauren dress for sale. Selling it for daughter who never wore dress. She is 5'9. Price includes veil and decorative belt. www.stillwhite.com/121880-tara-lauren

Hi Elise,
I am 5'9 and wore 8.5cm heels. My dress is listed at www.stillwhite.com/123373-grace-loves-lace.

My daughter is 5'9 and she wore heels. Her dress is listed at www.stillwhite.com/124760-maggie-sottero?from=home

Hello lovely! I’m selling my gorgeous Riki Dalal dress, am 5”9 and wore pretty tall heels too.

Here is the listing: www.stillwhite.com/125032-riki-dalal

hi Elise,

I am 5"8 and wore heels.

Here is my dress :)

Good luck with the search!!


hi found anything yet as 10"10 and is brand new no alterations and has been reduced in prive

*** Further reduction ***



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I was referred to Stillwhite by a friend. I would highly recommend it to others - I love the thought of my dress being reused and enjoyed again (and hopefully again!) Stillwhite is easy to use, and provides piece of mind, even when sending a dress internationally, like me!
Josephine, Cardiff
2 days ago
Excellent website to buy & sell. Good communication and protection options for both parties. Highly recommend!
Lucy, Hobart
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com