How to handle requests for shipping quote or additional pictures and then be gho

As a seller with 20 or more gowns posted for sale, I receive questions for more information such as shipping costs, details and photographs which is very time consuming. And then they ghost me. How should I handle this from the start of the communication process? without being rude...:)

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Hi something blue, I can relate. I experience this phenomenon also. Unfortunately I am not sure there is much we can do as you never know which one of those enquiries may be genuine.

I know. very time consuming and frustrating. I've been prefacing my replies to send additional info such as shipping costs and photos with .... "if you are seriously interested in this gown I will..." and I've edited my description to include "only serious buyers please" or "if seriously interested please ask for ..." hopefully this will help. Good luck selling!

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Kate, London
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