Shipping when funds are on hold.

Hi All.
I'm selling my dress to an international buyer, the funds are on hold in my paypal account. But I am hesitant to send my dress and then possibly not receive the money?
I would loved to know other sellers experience? I assume that's how it works.. do all sellers have to wait the 21days to receive the funds ,even though you have already posted your dress? I'm so scared of being scammed.

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Hi Jenna,

PayPal may hold your funds for up to 21 days if your account is new or you don't have sufficient transaction history. There should be more information about the actual date in the transaction details page in PayPal.

Once payment is marked as complete in your chat with your buyer, you will have 4 business days to send off the dress and enter your carrier's tracking number into the transaction details on PayPal, regardless of if the payment has cleared in your account, this is extremely important as Paypal waits for the tracking number to be entered as it shows you are an active seller and the funds may be released earlier.

When a tracking number is entered there should be more information about the actual date in the transaction details page in PayPal of when the funds will be released.

If you are having trouble understanding why your payment is pending, please reach out to PayPal directly as they have complete visibility over your payment.

Please contact PayPal. They normally do not recommend shipping until funds are clear. Be very careful to follow PayPal's instructions for "Seller Protection."

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