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I just got an alert of some sort where someone says they think this person that I’m dealing with is trying to scam them. Where do I go from there? It only gives me the option of saying OK, or closing it out. Is this just warning me to be careful, or is this truly a scammer?

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I think I was being scammed by the same person goes by "Karen"
She/he contacted me 2 days ago showing interested in purchasing the dress. She offered to pay with Cashier's check and send an overage to pay for the person who will pick up the dress. Things started sound shady, I talked to my husband and he said it's a scam. He was right! When I asked the person to pay me via a safer method, the person vanished...
This breaks my heart because I was nice and understanding.
Thank God I didn't go through with it.

I just received an offer on a dress. They said they were going to send a cashiers check with an overage for the person who was picking the dress up. It sounded shady to be so I looked online to see if that was a scam and sure enough it was! Sad because I was also being very kind and understanding.

This girl Karen didn’t say anything about an overage, but she was sending her “seamstress” (Weird) to pick up the dress AFTER the cashiers check cleared. Still didn’t feel right. I was even giving her my veil and hair jewelry.

Hi Patricia. We display security notices whenever unsafe activity is detected on Stillwhite. You'll notice the the words Cashier check are highlighted in your conversation which states "This payment method is not safe".

It's very important to take notice of our alerts, as they are designed to keep you safe. Our scam algorithm has just been updated to catch even more of these types of messages before they are delivered.

Hey Bruno. I am currently chatting with an interested buyer going by Karen, as mentioned above who wants an “in person pick up” by her seamstress. She hasn’t mentioned a cashiers check yet, and I don’t want to be rude if she’s a legitimate buyer, do you have any advice? After reading this thread I’m a little worried.

Is PayPal an accepted method for in person pick up, or is cash the better option. I just want to be sure both me and any buyer are protected

Hey Madeline, Yes any messages involving a request for an in-person pick up by seamstress should be considered as a potential scam.

As you can see your chat with Karen has now been closed due to her being picked up as spam and suspended off our platform.

Paypal can not be used for in-person transactions. All in-person transactions must be paid for in cash only and are considered strictly final sales as per our seller agreement:

Hi Joanna-I was contacted by someone by the name of Karen as well and wanted to mail payment-bank certified check and her seamstress would do an in person pick up. Sounds like this is the same scam that’s been going around ?

Hi Maria, Karen's account has now been closed due to her being picked up as spam by our system and has been suspended off our platform.

Thanks so much for your quick response I really appreciate it! It’s a shame there are scammers and you can’t be too careful. I’d would be so sad to be scammed out of my dress.

Also I appreciate the cash only clarification, I will be sure to make sure I adhere to it if the opportunity arises

I just had a similar situation happen to me but the interested buyer goes by Ashley. She asked to pay via bank certified check and once the payment is confirmed her seamstress will pick up. I told her I only accept Paypal and she backed away from her offer.

Hey Madison, Thanks for letting us know and for your user report. "Ashley" has been permanently removed and suspended off Stillwhite.

I was just contacted by "Taylor" asking to purchase my gown, would pay the shipping charges and would I send it to her son in Miami. She wanted to pay via cash app. When I told her Paypal was the payment method used for Stillwhite I never heard back. I'm pretty certain she is a scammer.

Hey Kim, Thanks for letting us know. "Taylor" has been reported by other Stillwhite users aswell and has now been permanently removed and suspended off Stillwhite.

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Stillwhite is easy to use, and I liked that I could basically set it and forget it until I wanted to change prices. It did take some time to sell my dress but I think that was because it was long sleeve which requires a specific buyer.
Amy, El Segundo
2 days ago
This site is such a blessing. I'm so happy my beautiful dress gets to live another day in the sun, and getting some money back was a nice perk. The whole process was easy and very affordable!
Laura, Fountain Valley
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to