Is it safe for buyer to have seamstress pick up dress?

I’ve got an interested buy who is asking if her seamstress can pick up the dress. I am not sure if she is located anywhere near me... is there any reason I should be wary of this? Any potential scam here?

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Hi Chelsea, Only your buyer can pick up the dress. If they would like to bring their seamstress along with them so they can try it on and see if any alterations need to be done that is fine but also your decision.

As all in-person transactions are to be paid in cash and are final, it is best to have your buyer there to see the actual dress in person, whereas if the seamstress picked up the dress and the buyer changes her mind there is nothing that can be done. For your safety, we strongly recommend to not be alone when the buyer comes to try on the dress and to possibly meet in a mutual public suggested location.

Thank you for the quick response!

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Everything was simple and the website is designed with ease of use in mind!
Kelsey, Buffalo
3 weeks ago
Communication was so simple. Everything was so easy and knowing my dress is going to another gorgeous lady for her wedding day makes it that much more exciting.
Rachael, Traralgon
3 weeks ago
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