Shipping costs USA to UK

Anyone in UK who had body a dress from USA - what kind of shipping costs did you incur?

Tia 🤗

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Oops - spelling mistake, I'll repeat this question!

Hi Aoife, I bought a wedding dress on this site, and had it shipped from California to Donegal, Ireland.
The value of the dress was €1400, and because of the price - the shipping, taxes & duties were very expensive.
I was so shocked when the UPS driver told me i owed €672 in taxes & duties!!
Shipping between EU Countries is a lot cheaper, Hope this helps!

Claire x

Wow Claire, that's crazy! How how much did you pay the seller for the shipping?

I'd heard the tax/duties were mad prices but I'm just trying to get an idea on how much I'll be passing for the postage

Thanks 😊

Hey Aoife,
I paid around €120 for shipping.
It all depends on the value of your wedding dress.
If you have a wee peek at the Customs website, it will give you an accurate estimate of the cost. I really wish i had known... but like they say “Hindsight is 20/20” Lol!

Wow - I'm just about to purchase a dress on here from the US and I'm really shocked to read how much the import taxes were! Not sure what to do now....I love the dress so much. :(

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