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I am about to buy a dress from a seller in Canada and I am based in the US. There’s a page on Stillwhite before checkout about duties and customs when buying internationally and one part said that in some countries the duties might exceed the cost of the purchase! Does anyone have experience as a buyer in the US buying from Canada? Did you have to pay a duty or taxes?


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Hey Linda,

It's against our Buyer Agreement to refuse payment of import tax. It is always the buyer's responsibility to understand the tax implications in their own country. You may refer to Postage and taxes section at www.stillwhite.com/help/buyer-agreement and our help topic here aswell: www.stillwhite.com/help/import-duty-and-taxes

For further information please contact your country's custom's centre.

I understand that I have to pay the tax, but was just wondering if anyone has experience to say how much to expect to pay?

Hi Linda,

Currently in a mess of a situation regarding duties and taxes. I am in NJ and being charged $300 USD of import fees for a $650 dress from Canada. I commend you for looking into it before purchasing! I made the mistake of assuming it was all included and am now stuck.

Good luck finding your dress!


Canadian who bought from US here, same boat! The site needs to do more to help everyone be clear about this.

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Love this website , it is like being in a huge store with an infinite choice for wedding dresses ! Easy way to communicate with sellers and payment method .
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