Everytime that i message a seller about a dress,
When i ask them to calculate shipping, they promise me they’ll get back to me, but i don't hear from them again.
I feel like i’m never going to get my Wedding Dress at this rate!

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Hey Claire,

We are sorry to hear that your sellers are not being very responsive back to you in regards of shipping. I can assure you most seller's on Stillwhite are very genuine and looking for a good home for their dress.

Please send our customer service team: an email with the URL's of the listings the sellers are not responding to you and we will reach out to them on your behalf.

Hi! As a seller, I think it would be helpful if there were thorough information available on how to offer shipping rates. I know it's up to the seller to ship, but even within the same country (U.S. to U.S.), it'd be great if there was a shipping section to at least give steps on how to get shipping rates, average ranges for shipping costs, examples of what other sellers have done. I have an interested buyer in the last 24 hours and I've spent an hour searching the forum and stillwhite site for info on how to quote shipping costs, but still am not clear.

Hey Lauren, Thanks for your response.

The choice of carrier is always up to the seller as you are the one shipping the dress. We have the click "Calculate Shipping" at the bottom of your conversation within the chat with your buyer which shows you the best-recommended carrier services based on both your location and your buyers. Through this link you can click on the carrier you are interested in using and it will take you straight to their calculate shipping page for you to get a quote with their shipping rates and fees. As we are not shipping experts this is why we link you directly to the carrier of your choosing's quote page for you to get all the information directly from them without confusion. We also have our blog topics here on how to help you ship a dress:

I will also pass on your feedback about having more information about what previous sellers have done/advice onto our team.

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This platform was so incredibly easy to operate and every single seller that I approached was really kind and accepting of all my questions. I’m so happy to have found my dream dress via StillWhite!
Anonymous Buyer
1 week ago
I sold my wedding dress in just over a week after posting on the site. Great experience and happy that my dress will be enjoyed by a new bride.
Natalie, Scarsdale
7 hours ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to