Could anyone give me an idea as to what the usual cost of wedding dress alterations? I would just like an idea of how much it will cost after I purchased my gown. Also any tips anyone has on gown shopping stress, I don't have anyone else helping me do this all I have is my fiance giving his opinion on the gowns I like which so far has been well you can imagine! Any help at all really

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Hi, alterations vary so so much in cost but the lady from the shop we used cost about £50 .
Don't stress about it alone .what sort of style are you after?have you tried any on yet?

I've tried on many, and I like varied styles, the problem was no salons near me have anything in my size, outta hard to imagine buying a dress that way - finding one close to/ or my exact size seems like less likelihood for alterations(many)

What size are you Lauren?

Have faith you will find something. I'm only 5ft, size 8 but bug boobs and u thought would never find a dress but certain styles just worked and if you go to a good dress makers they can do wonders x

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I thought this website is an amazing idea and very organized! I am excited to get my dream dress! and for a way better price :)
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Had a great experience! Easy set-up and had a lot more interest then I expected.
Annabelle, Brunswick
3 weeks ago
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