Shall I offer try before you buy?

Shall I offer try before you buy?
I live above my business so my hours are flexible
Would it help my sale?
Many thanks

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Hi Poppy,

The choice to let your buyers try on your dress is completely up to you!

Some buyers prefer to try on the dress first to see how it fits and looks first and some others just prefer to purchase online. If a buyer is to come to try on the dress and would like to buy it from you, payment is to be made in cash only and it's a final sale. We also recommend to always have a friend or family member with you aswell.

If you are open for brides to come try on your dress we suggest to include this in your listings description and also mention it when potential buyers contact you.

If you do not want to offer try on sessions for your dress, you are not obligated to and simply explain to your buyer that you don't feel comfortable meeting a buyer in person but ultimately the choice is up to you.

For more information please visit our help and blog topics here:

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Sold the dress much quicker than expected, selling process was easy and went smoothly. So glad that my dress will give joy to someone else on their wedding day!
Isabella, Melbourne
1 week ago
The small fee for placing an advertisement to sell your wedding dress is worth it. Individuals come to this site specifically to make their dreams come true by finding the perfect dress and to make their wedding budget happy as well...who says you can't have cake and eat it too!?
Lindsey, London
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to