How long does it usually take to sell a dress?

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Hey Samantha,

The average time to sell a dress on Stillwhite is 60 to 90 days but some dresses may take abit longer to sell as it is up to a potential buyer to make contact with a seller if they are interested in a dress but your listing does stay active on Stillwhite until it does sell.

For more tips on selling on stillwhite please visit our help topics here:

I've had mine on for over 6 months now ...🙄

I've had mine on for over 6 months now ...🙄

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This experience was AMAZING! I loved how easy it was to use your website. Everything was set up so logically. Even the mobile site was easy to use. It’s very evident that there was a conscious decision to invest in a quality web designer so provide the best experience for their customers. I found my DREAM dress (all the way in New Zealand) and it fits me perfectly! Still in shock how well everything turned out. My only note: when I tried to make the PayPal payment, the payment would not go through, even after multiple attempts. I spoke with a PayPal customer service rep on the phone and found out that my payment was flagged as “risky”, considering I don’t usually send over $1000 internationally. They informed me that nothing could be done and no one at PayPal could override the flag. We ended up using TransferWise to make the payment, which turned out just fine. Obviously, this is a problem on PayPal’s end, no fault of Still White’s. Just thought I’d mention this as it might be happening to other customers.
Eliza, Austin
2 weeks ago
Amazing - couldn't have been easier! Highly recommend :) xx
Lesley, Melbourne
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com