Shipping from Aus to US

Hi all
I have had a buyer in the US express interest in my dress. I am in AUS.
Does anyone know best/safest way to ship? I’m not sure what is best way to even get them a quote plus I think given the value would need insulation also

I’d love some help :)

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Hi Julie,

Normally shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are paid in addition to the final sales price.

As the seller, the choice of courier is yours as you are the one shipping the dress. Popular shipping services are Royalmail and FedEX to use but the choice is yours. Regardless of which courier you choose to use you must always use registered post so that your dress can be tracked and insured. The best way to get a quote is to go instore or call the courier of your choosing and speak to them on how to ship your dress using their services.

Please see our blog topics here for more information:

Hi Joanna
Thanks for your response & there’s some useful info. But it’s generic & doesn’t answer my question.
I am in Aus not the UK so Royalmail is not applicable to me.
So once again. Any Aus brides that have shipped to USA what was best shipping method. Aus Post or other courier.
Thanks Jules

Hi Julie I too am looking for information on best and safest way to ship my dress to US. Did you have any luck?

Hi Marisa
Nooo I haven’t had any answers and the bride I am speaking with is still unsure so I haven’t sent yet myself

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