Purchasing a veil off a listing

Another bride had listed a dress and veil together, but is willing to sell the veil separately to me. Can she still add a “buy now button” and sell just the veil to me without losing the listing for her dress?


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Hi Samantha,

Your seller can still add in a buy now button for the cost of the veil but then her whole listing will be marked as sold automatically. We advise for sellers to sell the veil only with their dresses as one and not separate. If you were to purchase the veil separate your seller will need to contact Stillwhite afterwards in regards to her listing being re-enabled.

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My seller was amazing - answered all my stupid questions - this site is amazing! But don’t think I’m be back lol get it?!?!?
Mellissa, Melbourne
3 days ago
What an excellent website! It was very easy to get set up and start selling. The messaging system was a great way to communicate with prospective buyers and it felt very seamless. I would definitely recommend Stillwhite!
Emmeline, London
1 week ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com