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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has any experience on the best way to ship your dress (assuming someone buys it through this site) from Canada? For the record, my dress is a big poofy ballgown, and I guess my concern is that I'm going to need HUGE box in order to ship it and the shipping costs will be very high! I know that the buyer is supposed to pay for the shipping, but I don't really understand how you can estimate the shipping cost for them before you have already packaged it up and shipped it, and I would hate for the buyer to be super excited about buying my dress and then have to deal with a ton of extra shipping costs!


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Hi Stephanie

Parcels are charged by weight, or cubic weight, whichever is greater. Cubic weight is measured using the size of the box, so even if the dress is light you will be charged a fortune for a huge box.

For tips on how to determine the price for shipping, please see our guide at

We've also compiled our best tips for actually packaging the dress at

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Amy, Sydney
1 day ago
Your site is a lifesaver. So many beautiful dresses - the hardest thing was choosing a dress. Your site was very user friendly.
Simone, Yandina
3 weeks ago
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