Dress not selling!

Any one else having real difficulties selling their dress??
I am not being cheeky (i dont think in the price) but dress has been on here and several wedding pages on FB for well over a year!
Any suggestions? Other than dropping price.... Im asking $1400 for a dress that was $3400....

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Are you definitely answering potential buyers emails? I know myself personally have sent many enquirers off & it's frustrating when you find a dress you really love only to have the seller never return your msgs!!

yes. I always answer all emails. As soon as I get the notification that I have an email I am straight onto it. Have had over 3000 views and lots of watchers, just people don't seem to be able to commit to buying.
At a bit of a loss really.

I see that it takes a bit of while to sell a dress, as a buyer I am trying to work around my budget. I think your dress will sell its just that I am a bit reluctant to buy thinking that I have never tried this dress or looks smaller on the pics. I have dresses that I have really liked and contacted the seller it's almost 2 months of no reply

I have noticed that the website filters emails and also depending on where the sellers live, it could be a time zone issue? It is always better to offer the seller your "real email" so that you can bypass the website trying to filter through emails. There was one day it took 10 hours for me to get a response from a potential buyer, and that was frustrating because I could see what time she sent me the question, but I did not get the email until much later.

Just to clarify, we quarantine new buyers messages for approx an hour (while our system checks them) but all followup replies are sent instantly. If you are seeing a delays in receiving messages, please contact support.

We strongly advise that you never bypass the messaging system. It's designed to keep your contact details private.

It is a shame when people dont reply. I guess sometimes they might miss the email notification?

Rebecca! I posted my dress in May, and just sold it yesterday. I made a YouTube video of the condition of the dress. I really think making a YouTube video that buyers can go to to see the condition of the dress will help you. You should also encourage your buyers to try to find your dress in the store if they can to try it on which is what my buyer did. Also, I recommend that you give all the bust, waist, and all those measurements as well because that is another way the buyers can gage whether your dress will fit them. I also would offer to Skype or Facetime with your buyer so that they can see you and the condition of the dress as well. This is so they can see you are a real person and not a fake because there is so much fraud out there.

Hope this helps!

Rebecca, I also think if you offer free shipping to buyers within your country, that also is an incentive to buy the dress. It probably will be better to offer free shipping than to lower the price of your dress. Just another thought to help you.

I offered free shipping only within the United States, and I think this helped me in selling my dress so quickly.

great ideas sarah! Thank you so much!
Im going to do all of the above and think I will drop price too. I have no need to keep the dress as I have no children and think its far too nice to hang in closet and do nothing! Thank you.

Can i see the dress

Thanks for these ideas. My gown has been viewed 500 times with no watchers. The gown is gorgeous and I put a lot of time and thought into my ad and have reduced. Trendy designers, which mine isn't, seem to do better. I'll incorporate some of your ideas and wait it out since it costs me nothing.

Can i see the dress?

Not sure how to direct you there. Search under designers, galina signature, there are 40 something dresses. There's a purple heart over my husband's face

I've also been trying to sell my dress so I get where you're coming from! I plan to post a video soon.

What I have also noticed is that some sellers consider a 20-30% to be a good discount when a sample sale will go down to 60-80% discount on a new dress.

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I had a lovely time browsing the site and each of the sellers I chatted with before making my decision was quick to answer all my questions. My dress arrived as advertised with no issues at the post office, but having the insurance should anything have gone wrong was a great comfort. Will definitely recommend this site in the future to other brides, and potentially resell my own dress here too!
4 weeks ago
I love stillwhite! I’ve sold two dresses on here and it’s always so smooth of a process. I will always refer friends here!
Madeline, Salt Lake City
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com