Selling for months and nothing!

Had my dress listed for months because I was told this is the best site for it. Paid the $30 and got nothing!! A few interested people but no questions about it or offers. Dropped my price to half and still nothing... Wasted money- thanks for nothing!

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Me too :(

And now they asking for another 15$ to boost the listing ?!

I had about 7 weeks of little to no interest, and then all of a sudden I had two offers, one on here and one on Preloved. I ended up selling to the offer from Preloved. Perhaps try that website?

I can only find preloaded uk?! Is that the site?!

Thank you x

having the same issue. paid extra for boosts etc, lowered price. cant help think its a bit of a scam

Im thinking this site is not working either...very disapointing.......

To be honest it is quite hard to sell a second hand wedding dress. A lot of listings are not done well or the style is out-dated. There is nothing wrong with the site but perhaps the dress you have just hasn't found it's special bride.

Its not Still White's fault it hasn't sold. They are just the platform for selling its not their job to find you a buyer. I have a small business and I have sold 7 dresses on here. Its all whether the dress you are selling is what someone is looking for or not. You don't have to pay the boost either they don't force you to do that, they are just trying to make recommendations on how to get more people to look at your dress in the hopes that one of them will buy it.

Stephanie - Wherabouts is your business selling pre-owned dresses? Id be interested to find out more! :)

Hi Lucy,

Im located in Niagara Park on the Central Coast. Its all online but then you can arrange a time to come and look at the dresses. If you click on my name highlighted in blue in this forum it will take you to my listings :)

hi girls. I'm looking for a dress, seems like found one which I like and who's seller answers)))

What I can say from the buyers point of view-
is that most of dresses are too expensive! I understand that you probably have paid fortune for the dress, it is branded, beautiful, made with handmade decorations, swarovsky etc. But! You must consider that most of girls which looking for the second-hand dress just can't afford expensive dress. Yes, their budget is bigger than 200$ for ebay dress, but still not 3, 4, 5 or more thousands. If I had 10K for a dress, why would I buy it on stillwhite?
Used wedding dress is unfortunately something which you never be able to sell for reasonable price comparing to new. If you paid 5k the most you can earn is $500-600 I assume. Otherwise it will hang here for years.. Maybe better just keep it if you recon this sum is too miserable:)

You're right Susanna, sometimes seller doesn't negotiate the price.

I would negotiate..

I agree girl!!

As a potential buyer I concur with the idea that if your dress is too pricey it will not be sold too quickly. Also most brides might be looking for something very specific. Like in my case, after extensive searching on this site I only have a handful of potential dresses because most just don't meet my criteria. I have not contacted any sellers yet because i want to make sure it is what i want and on a price i can afford.

Don't be afraid to contact seller. You don't have to buy. Yet, you can get answers to questions you might have

I would negotiate..

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It made it very convenient for me to sell my dress and felt secure.
Simone, Laurel
6 days ago
A fantastic Service!!! Reuse and recycle is always the best way!!
Natalie, Dee Why
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to