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I’m a buyer and along with the seller we had to do a lot of research on Duty costs, Courier expectations and even Customs and we’re still not sure we got it correct. I wish there was someone at Stillwhite who could’ve helped us with our questions. We both had our fiancés/husbands looking into it. We ended up going with DHL, but I wish there was more information on Stillwhite on cost expectations from country to country. The link in the FAQ is just a generic government website duty page that pertains to food, documents, furniture, etc. We both spent days reading up on duty and courier fees, so we knew what to charge/pay for shipping that would be fair, and how much I’d expect to pay just to obtain the dress. It’s still a mystery. I wish Stillwhite had a program like Poshmark where the label is paid for during the purchase stage and they’ve taken care of the estimated shipping costs once they have your shipping info.

Or if there was even a page that shows how other purchasers have gone about international shipping and why they chose that courier; and what to expect. (Government postage you have to pick up at the post offices and pay all the duty fees there, DHL pays duty upfront so you get it quicker but you have to pay DHL duty fees, and there’s different costs associated with price of the dress) It was a lot of work...did anyone else have challenges with purchasing an international dress, or tips/recommendations on how not to go about it?

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Duty charges are a bit of a minefield, I found a useful duty calculator

HS code I used for dress is 6204.43

you get 5 free calculations each day

We went with DHL from Australia to US. Dress was $1500 DHL shipping was roughly $200 it showed up in less than a week, no duty or import fees were charged. I called DHL once it shipped because the Tracking advised there might be fees; but their customer support confirmed there was none. Hope this helps someone else! Love the dress!

100% agree. I bought a dress for £1250, shipping from Australia to the UK and have just been handed a £502.09 invoice by UK customs where I not only have to pay VAT but customs duty at 12%. I am absolutely gutted and this has completely blown my budget. I would never have bought the dress had I known or had some guidance that this would have to be paid. I wanted to write this here to hopefully avoid other people not realising.

I have a buyer is Austria and we are going through something similar. It is a minefield and we have both contacted numerous places and still can’t get a clear answer. But for the dress to be shipped it seems to almost be another $1000 which is ridiculous! Surely there must be ways around this or somewhere to get solid answers. :(

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I found your platform easy to use with valuable feedback giving me ideas on how to improve my exposure with a safe means to communicate with interested buyers and eventually sell my dress. Thank you!
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Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to