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Hi everyone. I would like to state that I really enjoy the posts and pictures provided by the Stillwhite Blog. However, I feel that posting pictures including staff favorites etc. should be limited to the dresses available for sale in this site.

The blog seems limited to new, expensive wedding dresses and gives the impression that the dresses on this site are not "good enough" for buyers. I believe this is counterproductive for buyers and sellers alike as well as the opposite of what this sites advertises itself to be especially"sustainability".

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Hey Elaine,

All of our blog posts are written by blogger Kathryn Schrotenboer:

We never try to give the impression that the dresses sold on Stillwhite are not good enough, our blog posts are sources of inspiration of what's currently trending and hot off the runways to help buyers find similar and or exact gowns available on Stillwhite by our sellers.

We really appreciate your feedback and I will pass this onto our team and Kathryn for future advisement in regards to future blog posts and focusing on blog posts being sustainable.

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Communication was so simple. Everything was so easy and knowing my dress is going to another gorgeous lady for her wedding day makes it that much more exciting.
Rachael, Traralgon
3 weeks ago
Amazing platform to sell your beloved wedding dress!
Kaley, Seal Beach
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to