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I never ever post complaints but I am just an emotional mess and I have to get this out! I purchased a dress 2 months ago on this website and I am very distraught with the condition. The seller did say there was some "minor fading" and it needed to be cleaned but she failed to mention all the holes and damage.

I was finally able to bring it to a tailor for assessment for repairs to the tears and rips in one of the bustles and in the bodice. But we found some bigger problems when going through layer by layer. Part of the dress is being held together by a large safety pin! The wear around the arms is quite distressing and threadbare and many of the lace appliques are falling off and the zipper will not zip anymore. He said I paid way too much for the dress. It was almost as if it had been worn multiple times, as a rental not just by one person for an event. I brought these issues up to the seller and she claims that she adequately represented the condition of the dress. Why on earth would you not tell your customer that the gown is being held together by safety pins??!

I realize that I should have addressed the situation in the time window right away and its too late to do anything now. Just a warning, if its too good to be true, it is and sellers may not be upfront about the condition.

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Hi Liz

Although we recommend raising any issues with the seller within 48 hours of receiving the dress, PayPal's Buyer Protection allows you to raise a dispute up to 180 days after purchase. For steps on how to raise a dispute see


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Loved the way the app worked. Super simple and convenient, people were lovely to converse with. Found the perfect dress in a couple of weeks! The saved searches option is my favorite, saved a lot of time.
Anonymous Buyer
3 weeks ago
I bought my dress from here and was happy to resell the dress through Stillwhite. This is the place to go to find what you need at affordable prices.
Kelly, Bothell
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to