Hey Ladies,

We are constantly working on improving Stillwhite and some of the most frequent new listings we are noticing are TWO-PIECE wedding dresses.

Our IT team are working very hard on making two-piece wedding dresses more easier to be listed for sellers and searchable for buyers.

We would like some feedback from you brides who are looking for a two-piece wedding dress and some feedback from current sellers/former sellers aswell.

We would love to know what you think we can improve on in this selling and buying process for a two-piece wedding dress and also how you would like to search for them.
e.g would you like to search for a two-piece wedding dress in two different sizes or just one? OR when you were creating your listing did you find there were enough options for you to make clear that is was a two-piece wedding dress?

Even if you haven't sold/selling a two-piece wedding dress or not looking for one but have some ideas we would love to hear from you also!

Any Feedback will be very much appreciated!

Thanks Ladies!! x

2 Responses

I think it is better to add a two piece option just like, a-line, sheath, etc.
Each item should be listed separately even if they come together. Sometimes brides buy different sizes of each thing and it's not necessarily going to fit the next girl. Or you like the skirt, but not the top.
Now if the bride doesn't want to sell them separately, then it would be better to list them again as another option just like a-line-sheath, etc.

So glad to see this will go up as an option! This is what Im searching for at the moment and finding it really difficult.

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Still verily nervy using PayPal to receive payment as I hadn’t done this before, but very happy with still white price to advertise, prompts for what to include in the ad are most useful too, sold my dress in a few months (just sold today) for the price I had requested. Thank you very much for this service.
Kiah, Glynde
1 week ago
So far so good . Great site to navigate Easy communication
Lisa, Byron Bay
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com