Sellers Be Weary of Fraud

I received a message from someone interested in buying a dress. The issues were:

1) Wanted a seamstress to pick up the dress
2)Wanted your personal phone number
3) Wanted to buy via certified check - claiming to be a Marine

I reported to StillWhite but have not heard back. I saw a different seller last week post a similar issue with a buyer under a different name.

1 Response

Hi Jessica, Thanks for your message.

Stillwhite have a number of systems in place to protect both sellers and buyers from scammers but sometimes one may slip through which is when we rely on our community to help report them to us.

As you can see your conversation with Morgan is closed due to the account being picked up by our system and other users as a scam, this account has been permanently suspended and no personal information has been compromised.

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Really loved the site, easy to use and lots of dresses to choose from. Perfect
Anonymous Buyer
3 weeks ago
Easy to use website, sold my dress for the asking price in a week.
Jessica, Weymouth
3 days ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to