Seller has seen my message but won't respond

How long would you wait for a seller to respond to your question after the website shows that your message has been seen? I reached out to a seller (who said the price of a dress was negotiable) and she has seen my message asking about her best price but won't respond. The dress has been posted for a while so I sent a second message asking if the dress is actually available (which was also seen). I really would like to get this dress. Another bride is offering the same dress but it is several sizes larger and has some staining. I don't want to wait too long and end up entirely out of luck. Any ideas?

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I have had similar issues with certain sellers never responding to my messages! There are 2 dresses in particular that I LOVE and would buy either of them, but the sellers seem MIA. I am still looking at other dresses and communicating with other sellers on StillWhite as I search. I don't want to give up on the dress I really like (and it sounds like you didn't want to either), but I am thinking I need to just keep searching for something better. It's just a shame that the seller won't respond. Did you ever find a dress you like better? Or did you have luck negotiating with that seller?

I still haven't found what I'm looking for. The seller finally responded but wouldn't answer direct questions like "is the price negotiable" and "is there any seam allowance if the dress needs to be let out for my measurements". I finally just said, "please answer these specific questions" and she got an attitude and said I was being rude and she didn't want to sell to someone like me.

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Stillwhite is easy to use, and I liked that I could basically set it and forget it until I wanted to change prices. It did take some time to sell my dress but I think that was because it was long sleeve which requires a specific buyer.
Amy, El Segundo
2 days ago
This site is such a blessing. I'm so happy my beautiful dress gets to live another day in the sun, and getting some money back was a nice perk. The whole process was easy and very affordable!
Laura, Fountain Valley
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to