Transferring a deposit is it safe?

Hi, I found a dress I like on stillwhite and tried it on at a bridal boutique where she stored the dress. I was asked to transfer a deposit after I expressed my interest. - I am wondering would that be a safe option and if I were to transfer an amount outside of Paypal account would the transaction still be insured by Stillwhite if in the event the dress didn't arrive or if I couldn't find the seller after making the deposit?

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Hi Christine,

We don't recommend sending deposits, instalments or other partial payments at all. Its best for your seller to add in a Buy Now button for the total price to your conversation and complete payment when you are ready to do so. For more information please visit our help topic here:

Stillwhite only recommends using Paypal due to their protection policies:, if you were to use another method of payment and something were to go wrong you will not be covered under Paypal's buyer protection and stillwhite would be very limited on ways to help.

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I had a great experience with Still white. I found a good buyer but it's took a while. So you just need to be patient.
Antonina, Auckland
3 weeks ago
GREAT!!! This website made my dream dress a reality!
2 days ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to