Safe to buy on here?


I'm just wondering if it's safe to buy on here? or has anyone had a bad experience? It's a lot of money to part with, and I want to be sure. I am in the UK an looking at a dress in the USA. I'm also scared hidden fees are going to spring up.


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Hi Cassie,

Thanks for your question! Stillwhite has linked up with PayPal to protect your purchase for up to US$20,000 making it safe for you.

When you purchase your dress PayPal and if there is an issue eg. dress arrives significantly different to the seller's description, damaged, counterfeit or doesn't arrive at all, you'll have 180 days to file a dispute as you are covered under PayPal's Buyer Protection which can protect you for the full purchase price plus shipping costs.

To see more information about buying please visit our help topics here:

Import duty and taxes may be due when buying a dress from another country. In addition to duty, imports may be subject to other taxes and charges such as sales tax and a Customs Service Fee. It's important to understand these rates, as it is the buyer's responsibility to pay them before collecting your dress.

For more information on this please read our help topic here:

For any further questions,feel free to email our support team :)

Dear Joanna,

I have gone through the Buyer Protection System and its a nightmare. Stillwhite are no help and Paypal have made a number of errors in the administration.
The seller has found a loophole in the system which is making the process difficult. There is no protection from a good scammer.

Hi Cassie,

Yes, you have to be very careful to buy on Stillwhite.
It's not because the website is not secure enough, it's that some information being hidden by sellers such as the dress condition, sizing etc. All the buyers can do is asking as many as questions you can or set up a video call to see the condition of the dress.

There are some tips that I learned from my horrible experience.
1. Go up at least one size so that you could alter the dress to fit you well
2. Make sure if there is any alternation being done by sellers. It's very important since if the dress has been done a lot of alternations, it's not a good idea to alter the dress more because it may influence the dress structure.
3. Always buy the dress longer than the length you need so that if there are any signs of use, you can alter it shorter and get rid of those marks and dirt
4. Have to be more careful if the dress you fall in love with is a custom made. The reason is custom made sizing is various. There is no standard sizing chart that you can refer to which means it's very risky.
5. Avoid the dress with too many beadings. You will never know if those beadings on the dress are still staying in the right place until you receive it. And also, it would be easier to be altered if the dress less beaded
6. To ask the seller to take pictures of the hem and the train of the dress (both on and underneath)

As for the hidden fee, the only thing you have to keep in mind is the tariff policy in your country before you click the buy now button

Hi Cassie,

I wouldn't buy using this website. If anything goes wrong Stillwhite just tell you to contact Paypal. They don't explain how the return system works nor do they seem to know how the return system works. Paypal were not very good to deal with. They made a number of administrative errors on my case. I did get my money back but I still had to pay to return the dress.
In my case the dress was advertised as brand new. It was in fact a used sample dress. It required cleaning and some repairs. If you can't see the dress in person do not buy. I would not like anyone to go through what I have gone through with my experience.
I loved the idea of buying second hand however the guarantee offered by Paypal and Stillwhite is not as good as it seems if anything goes wrong.

Best wishes finding your dress.

Absolutely do not do it unless you can see the dress in person. PayPal (as others have said) are an absolute nightmare to deal with, and I'm now out over $2000. I bought two dresses, and both are unwearable. People suck. Beware!!!

Was it a different dress than the seller stated?

This website is great for purchasing less expensive gowns and you understand it can be used and expect it. I went into it understanding there would be no practical protection. Always expect alterations and ask a lot about them. If I were looking for a new gown that you want to be certain of, this would not be the way to go. I had a very good experience as a buyer but was looking for a dress I had already tried at a store and was prepared for alterations and cleaning. I am short with small chest size wanting a simple dress. The site worked very well for this situation.

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Was sad to see it go but elated the girl that bought it was in love with it. So much better than leaving it to hang. The platform was super easy to use and I've already reccomended to friends
Sam, Sydney
3 weeks ago
Easy to access, and very positive that you can directly contact the seller.
Julie, Oakham
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to