Trending colors for your 2017 wedding

Choosing the right colors for your wedding day is a huge part of the overall style and theme that you are trying to create. Your wedding colors should reflect your personality, and the personality of your groom.

Maybe you have a color in mind that you have always dreamed of having at your wedding, but you are unsure of what accent colors to put with it. Or maybe you are a trendier bride looking to match your style with what is fashionable for 2017. Whether you are seeking some beginning inspiration, or adding the finishing touches to your 2017 wedding color palette, we have so many options for you to choose from. Get all the inspiration you need to create the chic, fashionable, sophisticated and stylish 2017 wedding of your dreams.

01. Boho Blues

Boho Blues
100 Layer Cake

Deep bohemian blues, paired with neutral rustic tones will be a trendy option for your 2017 wedding colors. Bold blues with playful boho inspired patterns will give you an offbeat luxurious feel. Photography by Scarlet O'Neil

02. Greenery

Greg Finck

Greenery will be a huge trend moving into 2017. Natural, flowing foliage will be the inspiration for wedding color palettes from seaside summer settings, to seasonal winter festivities. Make your wedding natural and sophisticated with these inspiring flowing greens. Photography by Greg Finck

03. Metallic Bronze

Metallic Bronze
Confetti Day Dreams

Metallics are still sweeping the wedding scene this year not only as accent colors, but taking the main stage as glitzy, glamorous wedding color themes. 2017 will feature more copper and bronze, as we move away from the more traditional silver and gold metallic tones. Photography by Debbie Lourens

04. Geodes

Ruffled Blog

Geodes are becoming a huge trendsetter for 2017. Let the bright earthy tones of these precious stones inspire your wedding day setting. Pair with slate gray for a sleek, yet stylish look. Photography by Love Is A Big Deal

05. Citrus Fruit

Citrus Fruit
Ruffled Blog

Fruit is going to be a huge theme weaving its way through the wedding scene in 2017. From fruit décor, to fruit inspired bouquets, it will be making its debut in a big way. These citrus inspired tones are the perfect accent to a natural sunny summer wedding day setting. Photography by Andrew & Jade Photography

06. Tropical Pineapple

Tropical Pineapple
Ruffled Blog

Since we love these incoming fruit inspired themes so much, here is a more tropical inspired palette. Pair these fun bright tones with metallic accents to give your entire day a chic, polished look. Photography by Giving Tree Photography

07. Ethereal Whimsy

Ethereal Whimsy
Bridal Musings

Ethereal whimsy will be setting the scene for many 2017 weddings. Dusted blue is the perfect starting accent color to build your fairytale ethereal theme. Let these wispy tones carry you from a sea front windswept wedding day, to a hidden garden setting in the woods. Photography by Aleksandra Semyonova

08. Georgia Peach

Georgia Peach
Style Me Pretty

Nothing like some warm southern peach to brighten up a summer day wedding. These luscious tones will inspire bright colored florals, and blushing cheeks throughout the warmer months of the 2017 wedding season. Photography by Justin DeMutiis Photography

09. Countryside Wildflowers

Countryside Wildflowers
June Bug Weddings

2016 was dominated by the rustic barn trend. Moving into 2017, consider a softer setting with countryside wildflower inspired tones. This rustic, yet romantic theme, will give you the glamourous outdoor wedding of your dreams. (Photo Rivkah Photography)

10. Sage Green

Sage Green
Mod Wedding

Sage green is going to be a huge color trend moving into 2017. These soft natural tones are perfect for any setting from a romantic outdoor escape, to a festive chilly winter day wedding. Pair with soft gray tones to create the feeling of natural elegance on your wedding day. Photography by Conforti Photography

11. Soft Neutrals

Soft Neutrals
Ruffled Blog

Soft neutrals are great to pair with bolder color tones, but they can create a classic sophisticated setting when left on their own. If you are looking for a wedding day style that will be soft and fashionable, consider an all neutral wedding color palette. Photography by Natasja Kremers

12. Vintage Jewels

Vintage Jewels
June Bug Weddings

Jewel tones are a wedding day classic, sure to never disappoint. In 2017, pair these luscious jewel inspired hues with vintage accents for a wedding day theme that will transport your guests back in time. No one said classic couldn’t be bold. Photography by Sophie Epton Photography

13. All White

All White
Mod Wedding

All white is a classic that will never go out of style. Pair a white base with soft blush tones in 2017 for a romantic glamour feel. A soft white palette isn’t just for the heat of summer. White can also be the perfect complement to a winter wonderland wedding. Photography by Jana Williams Photography

14. Dusted Lavender

Dusted Lavender
Style Me Pretty

Inspired by the 2016 pantone color of the year, serenity, this dusted lavender and blue trend will be perfect moving into 2017. Pair with soft gray tones to create a palette that is suited for any season in 2017. Photography by Sposto Photography

15. Garden Tones

Garden Tones
Style Me Pretty

Romantic garden themed weddings will continue into 2017. These feminine tones are perfect for a summer day outdoor wedding. String romantic lights throughout the trees and carry your garden wedding into the evening hours for more of a secret garden feel. Photography by Erich McVey Photography)

What color palette are you planning to use for your 2017 wedding? Tell us in the comments below or join in the chat on the Still White forum!


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